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Are We Rich Yet...And Yes That Is Me Singing
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My Partner Phil Basten and I have a favorite, Wacky website

that we created many years ago.


It's Called Joe? Yes Mable? Are We Rich Yet?




It is a comedy radio show where most of the top marketers online 

joined Phil and I in spoofing themselves.


The short episodes are funny as all get out.


Phil and I wrote the episodes and wrote the theme song

The Theme Song has a Title: If Only I Could Fly


and Yes that is me singing the theme song before each episode.


All the top marketers at that time made complete fools of ourselves on the 

Joe and Mable Show but, in the process Phil and I  were able to get well known 

on the net just by having a bit of fun and  taking a chance and the rest, as say, 

is history.


Now it is time for you to make some history of your own.


Take a Chance

Make a Move

Try Something New


I want you to join a site that is way ahead of its time.

It's called Front Page Mail and it is getting rave reviews.


It is Easy To Use

Fully Automated

No Experience Needed


And Like the Joe and Mabel Show it fun and edgy

and it will give you a pathway to prosperity.


It has 2 Very Unique Contact Mailers


These mailers can get you onto Page 1 of Google

and on the Front Page Everywhere.


You can earn up to 523.95 per sale plus

recurring income.


I want you to learn to fly just as I did many years ago.


Join up under my link today and I will put 100,000

Free Advertising Credits in your account today. (Value $ 500.00)




WARNING: This site is Addictive

Once You join, You will Never want to leave-Ever!


Go get um



Jane Mark

Front Page Mail

JAM Marketing Inc


PS: FREE Founder Upgrade-For All You Joe and Mables


We were asked to extend our FREE Founder Upgrade

due to the Father's Day Holiday when many were away.

We will do that for a few more days.


Choose the Manager Upgrade and we will upgrade you manually

to Founder at no additional cost.


You get all of the benefits of Founder just

by buying in at the Manager Level.


Save $500.00 on the price.

We give you back $500.00 in buying tokens

Get $500.00 of Free Ad credits

Use the Fabulous Mailers every 2 days

Earn up to 523.95 per sale.


All up you get $1500.00 in Give Backs.


Take the Deal Here:




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