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Not All Mailers Are Created Equal-Let's Run the Numbers
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There are mailers and then there are mailers
They are not all created equal.

I am about to show you Success Numbers.


Here are The Facts-

If you use mailing lists online you know that here is what
most of them look like:

95% of mailing lists that you send your offers to that
you do not personally own will give you an average Click 
Through rate between 1 to 4%

There are exceptions to this like:

The Profit from Free Ads Solo Ad Mailer gives members an 
average click through rate between 12 to 19%



The Itsy Linx mailer that has an average click through
rate of between 18 and 27%

Very Nice!

But...What about this number...

Front page mail has an average click through rate 
between 40 and 66%

There are 2 mailers at Front Page Mail

BOTH of the mailers have click through rates
of between 40 and 66%

These are off the Charts Numbers.

This is 10 times the average click though rates of
most ordinary lists

Yikes! How does that happen.

Your Email from Front Page mail gets traffic
from 4 other popular sites and gets in front
of Over 200,000 members.

We call this feature 1 Click Submit.

You are not going to find this anywhere else on the net.

These extraordinary mailers are just one part of Front Page Mail
but it so off the wall fabulous, I like to run the numbers for
you so you can see them in living color.

Let's Recap the Click Through Rates.

Ordinary Lists 1 to 4%
Exceptional lists PFFA and Itsy Linx between 12 and 27%

Front Page Mail both mailers-between 40 and 66%.

Those are the Numbers of Success.
You can start to benefit from them right now today.

You must be an upgraded member of Front Page Mail to
use these mailers.

Isn't it about time you joined and upgraded at Front Page Mail

Sign up under my link today and I will put 100,000 
Free Advertising Credits into your account instantly.
(Value $500.00)

Start your success here:


Go get um

Jane Mark
Front Page Mail
JAM Marketing Inc 

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