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Cash Waves Sea Surge has launched. The most powerful feeder in the Cash Wave system.

It is a 1x2, so it cycles fast.


Tell me where you saw this ad.


Here’s the deal:


If you are not a member of CW.com and

not a member of CW.net:


1. Join first.



2. Join second.



3. If you are a member of CW.com and

I am your CW.com sponsor but not

a member of CW.net:



4. If you are a member of CW.com and

I am not your CW.com sponsor, you

should get the CW.net link from your

sponsor.  If no reply, you can join

under me.



Whatever the case, you want to get

a Sea Surge position as soon as



6.  Deposit $6. for 1 position or

in increments of $6. if you plan

to buy more than one position.


If you plan to buy 3 Sea Surge

positions, for example, deposit $18.


4.  Send in support ticket, with

copy of receipt and your Cash-Wave.net



5. Once funds are in your account, click

on purchase position and buy a Sea Surge.


When you cycle Sea Surge 2, you get two

positions in Wind Wave.


When you cycle WW 4, you get:


A. Birthday Bash ($25) 10 Positions.


B. Kringle ($8) 2 Positions.


C. Tidal Wave ($50) 2 Positions.


D. Cash-Wave ($20) 1 Position.


E. Tsunami ($30) 1 Position.


F. 1 Re Entry to Wind Wave 1.


G. Cash Out $12.


Any questions, drop me a line or give me a call.


Carl Goodnight





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