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Eat Share Live! our Jerky is great

Our Jerky is Fantastic

Jerky Business Details

Hi Friend,  before you read this email , can you whitelist my email address that is if you want more information on this jerky company.. always check your spam I am noticing some of the emails are going to spam as well.. You are receiving this email as you requested information regarding our jerky business..  If you are no longer interested , opt out option is below, thanks!

So let’s go over the cost of either purchasing jerky or building a jerky business.

Building a brick and mortor business can take thousands..I know I have done it..

Here at jerky direct the cost are nothing compared to a brick and mortar start up..

Right now if you want to just purchase jerky as a customer click here but if you want to activate your affiliate account and build the business here are the costs

We have 2 entry levels as an affiliate

1st entry level  is $24 plus 3.95 shipping 2/bags of jerky , plus business platform , $10 payout

Second entry level is $74.00 ,  8 bags of jerky  plus 3.95 shipping , $25 payout 

Pick which one works for you..

Here is what you will Receive:

Complete Business Package
Build the Business Your Way
Full Access to the Compensation Plan

Purchase ​at Affiliate Prices
7 Skills Training ​
Sales System & Marketing Funnel Training
Personal Website​ with Marketing Funnel
with Intregated Contact Manager
Full Back Office​ Access
Earn Commissions from Retail Sales
Get Others to Join You and Earn even More
Attractive Business
Great Tasting Beef Jerky

Plus a sponsor (Me) that cares and will support you  , with many incentives to help you advertise your business..

Now with Higher Commissions.. we are looking at a better Jerky Direct .. Now if the costs scare you, ask yourself  if I wanted to start up my own  brick and mortar business, all by myself  what would it cost.. $$$$$

Enroll Today

You would pay much more , I can tell you that.. People dream of being their own boss.. Let's Make it happen..

There is no other Jerky networking company online.. No competition!

I have to be honest the jerky is fantastic.. 

Sure you can buy jerky elsewhere but do they offer a business opportunity , a real business ?? Plus our jerky is fresh… our jerky Is premium grade..

We will talk again in a day or two..

If this interest you , contact me

talk soon   Richard



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