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Daily Fun in the Sun is your dream ticket.



Ginger, of Team Gone Wild fame, has created

a program that will help solve your financial



It is called Daily Fun in the Sun and the

money is earned over 9 days.


However, 30 days is more realistic.


Cost to get started:  $1.00.


That $1.00 can generate total earnings of

approximately $1000.


PIF Window is open to help get you started

at Funway 1.


Here’s the deal:


1.  Join Daily Fun in the Sun.



You will be piffed with 1 position in Funway 1.


The matrix is a 1x3 and, briefly, here is how

the system works


1.  You buy a position in Funway 1 for $1.00

or get piffed into a position in Funway 1.


2.  You cycle when your turn comes up and

make $3.


3.  The system lets you keep $1. and uses $2.

to buy into Funway 2.


4.  Same thing happens all the way thru.


A.  $1. purchase – systems uses $2. to go to

next level, you keep $1.


B.  $2. purchase – you keep $2.


C.  $4. purchase – you keep $4.


On and on thru Funway 9.  This is a 1x2.


Listing of totals earned at each level.


Funway 1   $1

Funway 2   $2

Funway 3   $4

Funway 4   $8

Funway 5   $16

Funway 6   $32

Funway 7   $64

Funway 8   $128

Funway 9   $768

Total          $1023


Many have deposited $10. and bought 10

positions.  That will generate earnings of $10,000.


Here is another place where you can get

Free Advertising at multiple sites.



Want to get up to 420,000 ad credits per month?



Any questions, drop me a line or give me a call.


Carl Goodnight





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