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Follow this simple plan and laugh at your wallet worries.



This New Daily Fun in the Sun Feeder changes everything.


First of all, if you are not a member of Daily

Fun in the Sun, join from this link and get

a pif into Funway 1.



You can only buy feeder positions with fresh

money, so here is the process for depositing

funds for the new feeder.


Click on the How to Join link and scroll down

to where you see how to deposit funds.


Send support ticket to the below email address.




Please include your Username, and how many you

have purchased.  Ginger manually buys the positions

in the feeder for you.


Here are details on the feeder and a strategy you

can follow, if you want.


Live/Hope/Dream/Our Team

Fresh Money ONLY


$5 (If STP plus Processor Fee .35)





3 Funway 1 @ $3

$7 to Hope




3 Funway 1 @$3

$11 to Dream




6 Funway 1 @ $6

$16 to Our Team





22 Funway 1 @ $22

2 Re Entries @ $10


24 hour cycling stats for Jan. 26:  268


We are holding onto the 200 plus daily cycling and that bodes

well for everybody.


Someone estimated it takes a bit over 29,000 funway positions

to be bought, in order to cycle Funway 9, to earn $980. total

from a $1. purchase (check matrix map).


I used 30,000 as it makes it easier to do calculations.


30000/200 cycle per day = 150 days to cycle Funway 9


150 days/30 days per month = 5 months or approx. 20 weeks.


Very simple strategy going forward:


1.  Deposit $30. if you can.


When you send a support ticket, mention that you

want to use $5. for the feeder purchase and the

rest put into your balance, so you can buy positions

on your own, into funway 1.


Use $5. to buy a position into the feeder.


Buy 1 position daily in Funway 1 with the $25.


2.  At the end of 25 days, if your balance is $0.00,

deposit another $25. and repeat 1 per purchase per

day in Funway 1.


3.  Somewhere between day 25 – day 50, you will

start cycling into the higher levels and will be able

to use earnings to make some or all of your daily purchases.


4.  DO NOT just buy 1 position in Funway 1 and stop.


You need a continuous stream of positions following you

when you cycle the big Funway 9.


5.  You need to accumulate hundreds of Funway 1

positions during this 5 month period.


This should result in a steady stream of earnings

from levels 6 – 9, where you can withdraw some

funds, if you want.


Any questions, drop me a line or give me a call.


Carl Goodnight





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