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PWT Just Launched Get in Right now

PWT Just Launched  Get in  Right now


Watch for my two bonuses below
They are doozies.


You have three hours starting now!

No One gets left behind.

Three Hours then the doors close
until tomorrow at 6.00 PM

Introducing the Power Wealth Team


This opened this second.

You can join now between  7 and 10 pm
tonight Nov 19th and then it closes
and officially launches tomorrow
at 6.00 pm est.

As can see I am number 6-right at the
top. You want to get in under me.


Just LAUNCHED by Earners Unite!!

A "New" Revolutionary way to earn
a monthly income!


AT Power Wealth Team..."NO ONE IS LEFT BEHIND"

Here's how it Works...

Everyone Recruits to the SAME Matrix

When a new member signs up they are
given an ID Number

As each new member joins and is given
the next number, they are then placed in the next
open position...

"No matter WHO referred them".


This way the matrix fills from top to
bottom, left to right, compressed at all
times...NO HOLES EVER!

FINALLY, for the first time, we've made
it so that members who can not get referrals
still make Money!

BUT, here's why you really WANT to
promote and refer others...

**$25 Instant One-Time Referral Bonus
for every Personal Referral

**$5 Bonus every month for each of
Your Personal Referrals

**$27 earnings each month with just 3
people under you (Can be from Spillover)

**2 Personal Referrals or 3 Spillover
Members put you in Profit

At Power Wealth Team, the top marketers
will actually be working FOR you...instead of
competing AGAINST you.

The more they recruit, they more you
EARN. That's HUGE!

That's me I am working for you right
now so get in now.

There's a lot more...just click on
the link to see the full compensation plan

Don't Get Left Behind!



Now what about those bonuses I promised

One you will find waiting for you in the
members area of Power Wealth Team

It's 100000 Sokens at Sokule and you
will find out how to collect that when
you sign up. Teh value is 127.00

Bonus 2

50,000 fr.ee credits at one of our most
popular sites, Croc Ads. That's a value
of 497.00. See how you collect below

You can't lose here.

Everyone's a winner at Power Wealth Team
and I am going to promote the heck out of

Every time I do, you stand to gain.


Steve hoffman is one of my favorite people
on the net. You will never go wrong at
one of his sites and this is the latest
and greatest.

All the best


Jane Mark
JPE avertising

Track Us on Sokule


PS To collect your Croc ads credits, you
must sign up under my link at Power Wealth


Then shoot me your full name, your payment
receipt that shows the actual payment to
PWT and your Croc Ads username.

Not yet a member of Croc Ads, sign up here






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