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Tips to help you with 3 Plus 3.


1.  You don’t need to recruit.  Just purchase positions.


2.  If you are not a member of 3p3, sign up.



3.  Purchase contest keeps cycling steady

and consistent.  Click on the spreadsheet

link on main page.


Find your username and see how you are

progressing.  As positions get purchased,

you move closer to cycling.


4.  If you purchase at least 3 positions for

each contest, you will qualify to be one of

3 random winners.


Click on contest page link to see progress

and contest rules.


5.  Whenever you cycle, use balance to

purchase more positions.


You should be building towards 10 positions.

Each position has potential earnings of over $3000.


6.  If you have balances in your account and

want to build downlines without recruiting, check

the Global pif pool and pif in members from there.


They will become part of your downline and when

they cycle, you make bonuses.


7. If you decide to recruit, just remember that free

members get moved to the Global pif pool after 2 days.


If you don’t want to lose them, pif them in or get

them to upgrade themselves.


Any questions, drop me a line or give me a call.


Carl Goodnight





P.S.  My first position cycled Round 2, Level 2,

earning me $12.00.  All funds were used to

purchase more positions.


I have at least 10 Round 1 positions, all of which

will eventually cycle Round 2, Level 2, generating

$120. in revenue.


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