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You have to see the changes in Daily Fun in the Sun.



DFIS keeps evolving and changes were made

for long term sustainability, as well as being able

to make the big payouts, when you start cycling

the higher levels.


First of all, if you are not a member of DFIS, join

and get a pif into Funway 1.



Some of the highlights:


1.  Feeder costs $5.00 to buy a position with

fresh money only but here is why you need

to have at least one feeder:


A.  When you cycle level 1 (Live), you get

3 positions in Funway 1 and an entry into

level 2.


B.  When you cycle level 2 (Hope), you get

2 positions in Funway 1 and 1 position in

Funway 2.


You cannot buy a position in F2 now.


C.  When you cycle level 3 (Dream), you

get 2 positions in F1, 1 position in F2 and

1 position in F3.


You cannot buy a position in F3 now but

cycling at this level speeds up cycling at

higher levels.


D.  When you cycle level 4 (Our Team),

you get 3 positions in F1, 2 positions in

F2, 1 position in F3 and 1 position in F4.


You cannot buy a position in F4 now but

being able to get a position at this level

will really boost cycling into the higher levels.


E.  When cycling happens in F3 – F9, admin

gets $1.  This money goes into a special

place that admin will use to pay the bigger

withdrawals that will come in less than 5



When you cycle F9, you can generate

earnings of almost $1000. for each $1.

position you own at the Funway 1 level.


In order to make these bigger payouts,

admin has to start banking funds for this.


F.  Admin is waiting on changes to be made

by the programmer (probably in a day or 2),

so that people can buy F2 – F4, using fresh



Limit of 5 per day.


These changes will pretty much insure that

when you start making thousands of dollars

for cash out, you will be able to get paid.


Here is a simple strategy you can take to

the bank:


1.  Deposit $5. and send support ticket to

admin that you want to buy a feeder position.


Click on How to join link and all details are



2.  If you can afford it, deposit an extra $25.

and buy 1 Funway 1 position daily.


Every time you cycle level 4 of the feeder,

buy another feeder position.


Sit back and enjoy the gains.


Any questions, drop me a line or give me a call.


Carl Goodnight





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