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All these sites I belong to -
All the credits I got and all the hits I
am getting don't mean nothing.

Why? Because everybody here is trying to do the same thing.

Tell the other people here that the program
they have does not work and if you want a chance
then buy "THIS" program

Whether they believe it or not - most everyone
has spent their money on the system or program
they are selling.

But if what I am learning about marketing - I have
to first ID my "POTENTIAL" customer.

And all these buy leads and get credits and traffic
exchanges and safelists all have "ONE THING IN COMMOM"
all of us are trying to do the same thimg -
sell what we have - we aren't looking to buy - we
are all looking to sell sell sell - but we are
only asking the people who want to sell to buy.

I just saw a site - they have over FOURTEEN THOUSAND (14K OR 14,000)
PEOPLE - all of them hoping that someone will buy what they have.

I do notice none of the people we have bought from (the vendors)
are here - and I see why - because the people at these
programs aren't the buyers - and not the traffic they
are looking for - who are we - we are the get more credits
and send a solo ad to the entire data base which are made up
of not buyers but folks looking to sell.

How many ads? (banners and text ads do I have up)
How many solo ads have I sent out? -
How many programs do I belong to?
How many sites have I surfed in order for people surfing
to see my sites -
I even paid money to a program that would send out
information to the other programs that would give me more
credits to use to send to the programs where there are "ONLY"
people looking to "SELL"

There are now hundreds of these programs maybe even thousands.
And they have come up with some fantastic ways to get me in
through the OTO's and just promise of fame and fortune waiting
inside with my million credits just waiting to talk to someone
who is only here to sell and not buy.

Since I first figured this out I have bought into maybe
10 more programs that are only doing this.

Well, I found me a mentor who is going to teach me where
to find the "ME" of the world - after all my ideal customer
I am looking for is me looking for those who are like me
wanting what I want.

Your are the "ME" except your are not looking to buy -
Your are looking to sell. So all the money I have spent
in these programs looking for me - have gone to the people
who ID me and you as wanting to sell - But we are "only"
connected to others who want to sell -
There are thousands of people here gathering credits and sending
solos and joinging teams and building up a great reputation
for the people we bought from.

But not one of the people we bought from are in any of these programs.

I said that not to discourage you but hopefully to open
your eyes. This one letter is not going to stop the thousands of
programs - and I wouldn't want to do that. I can now let my
monthly expense run out and cancel. Then take that money and go
find the people like me who are trying to get into business and
hopefully guide them to the place where they can find the buyers
and don't get caught up trying to sell to sellers - for sure
every now and again a "shiny object" strikes the eye of someone
in these programs but definitely not enough to create a life style

If you are like me you got several different email addresses
and in those you have thousands of emails that you open for credit
and prizes so you can send yours to the thousands of people
who are sending theirs so they can open them so they can send
them to you (us) - THE AFFILIATES

Not one email comes from an "OWNER" of any of the programs that we
are selling in the programs that we are sending out of
hmmm - isn't that strange?

Well, I have several programs where I bought the "LIFETIME"
package and when I have time I may resend this out again

But I am going to spend my time going forward looking for
the "ME" who want to buy and not the "me" who is looking to sell  

Of course I offer this to you - after all I am in business to sell.
If you want to get out of the rat race of running around in circles
trying to sell to sellers and want to go with me to find the buyers
then check out the link below.



Join me and my mentor on a new journey! The real reason we came out here.

You do not have to give up what you are selling - you just need to
find buyers and not sellers.
Come and get a journey worth thousands for nothing to see what it is about.

And on top of that After this I will be selling only three program.

Because if you are an affiliate - you sell - you get paid - "DONE"
finito - rinse and repeat rinse and repeat rinse and repeat rinse and repeat rinse and repeat -

How you like to be paid if something you sold someone - then that person bought another product from the same person "BE PAID AGAIN" with no further work on your part.

Hmmm - never heard of a vendor doing that huh!



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