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Finally..The Opportunity That Will Secure Your Family's Future

If you are then you should probably read this all the way 

OnPassive(TM), a company that has not launched yet, has 
developed and owns every bit of a new technology that has 
been integrated into an absolutely complete system that 
SOLVES ALL THE PROBLEMS faced by Affiliate, Network, and 
Online Marketing.  IThe platform is a fully-automated, AI- 
driven, self-perpetuating 3X10 Matrixes that grows your 
income month-by-month and provides that income to you for 
life and it is available for your family to inherit. 
(Actually, there are 4 matrixes, but the first level is free 
and does not self-perpetuate.) 

The very top-tier position in the matrix, and therefore the 
most lucrative, is the Early Founder Position.  Currently 
it's available at a 90% discount, which means you can 
purchase it for $97.00  UNTIL THE DAY ONPASSIVE LAUNCHES. 
After that it's gone, only to [possibly] return six months 
later at $997.00. 

Because during the first six months after launch, the 
company will engage marketing campaigns to build your team 
for you and the teams of every other Founder that has 
accepted your invitation to join as well. 

But you need to also know that once we launch, every member, 
Founders included, enter via the "FREE" category of the 
matrix for a 7-day trial.   At that time, you can run the 
length of the free trial to see how the system works or pay 
$25.00 to move to the next level [level 2 of 4] 

So, to re-cap, $97.00 is to get the Founder's Position at 
the very top of the plan and $25.00 after launch moves you 
into the fully-automated, AI-driven, self-perpetuating 3X10 
Matrixes that grows your income month-by-month and provides 
that income to you for life and it is available for your 
family to inherit.  Every advancement for you after that is 
automatic and the cost of advancement is taken from your 
earnings, which will be substantial and grow continuously 
month-by-month; a true life-long solution.  You can pre-pay 
the advancement if you want but there is no need to; unless 
you just want to earn more, faster. 

And if you are sweating the loss of your $97.00 or $25.00... 
don't.  The company has a life-long refund policy.  In 20 
years if you decide you want out and ask for a refund, they 
will refund it to you. 

My personal, best-educated guess is that we'll launch during 
March but, whenever we do, the Early Founder spots will be 
closed.  Everything I have written here is true to the best 
of my knowledge, but could change without notice. My advice 
is for you to join now and sort out what you want to do 

So go here, take a look and make a zero-risk decision to 
develop an unstoppable financial future for you, your 
family, and your friends. 


to our success







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