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Members of Magic Dollar Biz and 500 Bitcoin should read this.


A nice little way to build steady earnings and

get a position in Magic Dollar Biz at no cost

to you.


1.  Register at Magic Dollar Biz or be a member.



2.  Register at 500 Bitcoin or be a member.



Use same username at both sites.


3.  Purchase a position in the company planned

feeder at 500 Bitcoin for $1.75.


Bitcoin only, so don’t forget to get the hashing

id and put it into the box at 500 bitcoin.


For users of blockchain:


Click on sent link, then on the box with the

up arrow on right side of page.  Next page

is where you will find hash id.  Top line.


This will put you in pending status until your

payment has been approved by the person

receiving funds.


4.  Once payment has been approved, you

will be listed on the 500 bitcoin spreadsheet

and receive a free position in Magic Dollar Biz.


On the spreadsheet for both Mdb and 500 Btc,

you will be able to see where you stand and

how close you will be to receiving your own

payments at 500 bitcoin.


You should attempt to get 3 positions in 500 bitcoin

so can receive continuous payments.


5.  You may even consider purchasing a $5.00

position at 500 bitcoin, if you can afford it.


If you want to generate more revenue, get a Maxous Bankcard.

Opens in a new window.



Any questions, drop me a line or give me a call.


Carl Goodnight





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