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Time Sensitive Offer - 55 000 Credits Giveaway

If you are looking for serious , proven business online - i have a solution.

If you are looking for traffic - i have 55 00 credits as a gift for you. 


Got your attention?

Read this page carefully / i suggest you to save it for future closer look/ to see the whole offer.


Genusity is a top notch opportunity with more then 2 years online presence. As their Associate you can earn Daily Fast Start Bonuses, Monthly Residual Commissions, Infinity Bonuses, Rank Up Bonuses Customer Incentive Bonuses...and MORE!


Take the free tour here:



Here is the comp plan:



If you need more information and have questions - join one of their webinars. Here is the shedule:


Tuesday - 8 pm ET USA = Genusity Opportunity Webinar (bring guests)

Go Here ? http://  MegaGlobal  Event. Com [remove the spaces when interring]

Saturday afternoon at - 12pm ET USA = Genusity Opportunity Webinar (bring guests)
Go Here ? http://  MegaGlobal  Event .com [remove the spaces when interring]


When you are ready -take the next step and upgrade to Associate. This can be one of the smartest solutions for you, because this site works. No bs, no empty promises. It works.



Now it`s time to claim your credits - YUPPEE!



Join VAD to get your first 25 000 credits:






Join FPM to claim 10 000 credits: 





Join PFFA to get 20 000 credits:




Use them all for your banners and text ads. Enjoy!



Tip: If you can afford it - take the smaller monthly upgrade at any of thoose 3 sites. You can use the same bonus to build your list quickly.



If you have any questions- just drop me a line,


Daniela  Germanova



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