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Wow! Team Fired Up is on fire.


 When Team Fired Up positions led to

positions in the 4s, cycling in the 4s

jumped significantly.


Fast Furious 3s has been added to the

Team Fired up system and is already

creating faster cycling.


Fast Furious 3s is called Team Success 1.


Leaders in the other programs are

depositing funds into this new one.


I deposited $30. for 10 positions in

Team Fired Up, to help me get started.


If you are not a member of the 4s,

register from this link.



You will be pif’d with a move it line position

to get you started.


If you are not a member of Fast Furious

3s, register from this link.



You will be pif’d with a feeder position to

get you started.


Here is the link to Team Fired Up and Team Success 1.



All kinds of information here, including

spreadsheets, contests, prizes, etc.


Take your time going thru it but here

is how you should proceed:


1.  Click on Plans/Links at top of the

page, to see cycling information and

what you get when you cycle Team

Fired Up Plans. 


Decide whether you want to get into

one or both plans and how much you

want to spend.  Positions are $3. each.


2.  Click on How to Join link and read

the details.  Further down the page

is the link to the join form.


The join form is for Team Fired Up

matrix positions tied to the 4s and

to Fast Furious 3s.


Fill out the join form, then send

Ginger a copy of receipt, so she

can add you to the spreadsheet.


Leave pif field blank.


3.  Click on the spreadsheets link

and take your time as there is a

lot of information on cycling, contests,

next in line, plus previous contest



Any questions, drop me a line or give me a call.


Carl Goodnight







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