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The Dailies. Part 1. Team Fired up is a feeder to the 4s.


Automatic daily purchases is the new wave,

where cycling is steady and constant. 


Here is the link to all of the dailies.



We are going to focus on the one that says:

Feeder for Fours Team Success, on the right.


1.  Register at the 4s or be a member.



2.  Check out the spreadsheet that

shows matrix details, contests, next

in line to cycle, etc.



Don’t attempt to swallow the spreadsheet

all in one gulp.  Click on latest contest for 

the plan.


Cost for each Team Fired up position:  $3.


3.  Decide how many days you want

automatic purchasing.

I recommend a minimum of 5 days.


Look at the dailies again for Feeder for

Fours Team Success and you will see

that 5 days costs $15.



This will give you an automatic position

in Team Fired up for 5 days, on auto-pilot.


4.  The form to submit your choice as

well as payment information is here.



When you get to the section that asks

which daily do you want to join, click

Team Fired up (Fours).


Click on method of payment and how

many positions you want, then submit.


5.  Before submitting, you should write

down what you are purchasing, so you

can double check when Ginger adds

to spreadsheet.


Any questions, drop me a line or give me a call.


Carl Goodnight





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