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$1.25 can make you oodles. Pif Window is open.


Automated Dailies has a sub with automatic



Here is a brief overview of the Stars Sub AD

that Ginger created:


$1.25 to register (includes $0.25 admin fee).


1x3 = $3.00 – level 1


3x3 = $9.00 – level 2


9x3 = $27.00 – level 3


When you cycle, you get $25.00 in your

Automated Dailies account to purchase

a sub for $25.


$2.00 left over is for admin fee.


Getting a sub jumps you over all those

who cycle from the help matrix into a

feeder and jumps you over all those

who cycle from a feeder into a sub.


A sub will give you 5 matrix positions,

automatically, at one per day for 5 days.


If you want to see how much you can

make from each of these matrix positions,

click on the pay plan at the top of the page

and look at the sub line chart,


Levels 1 – 6.


This is what you can earn from your $1.25.


Here is what you have to do to get a $1.25 pif

into the Stars Sub AD:


1.  Register at Automated Dailies or be a member

in my downline.



If you are not in my downline, you can register

for a second account.  Just use a different

username and email address.


If you register for multiple accounts (more than 1

additional), I will not pif you for anything.  You

are on your own.


2.  Register at Adchiever or be a member.



Send me your Adchiever username.


3.  Register at Downline Maxx or be a member.



Send me your Downline Maxx username.


Once verified, I will get you a $1.25 pif into

Ginger’s Star Sub AD, level 1.


Any questions, drop me a line or give me a call.


Carl Goodnight





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