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88,445 People Have Seen The Vision and Rushed in as FOUNDERS

88,445 People Have Seen The Vision and Rushed in as FOUNDERS


A future Unicorn, Information Technology Company had its beginnings in the referral-based marketing industry in July 2018. It was unlike anything I had seen in the Industry after 50 years in that Industry.


When I joined this project, in August 2018, there were 2,000 Founders that had seen the potential of this Company. Today, there are, at the time of writing this article 85,863 Founders and when you consider that this foundation was built with no compensation, it is an outstanding achievement and is testimony to the absolute vision and integrity of the owner.


Where does it differ from most Network Marketing Companys on the market today?


1.  On launch, everyone that comes into the business will be a customer and will have the option of being a reseller of the product as well. 


2.  Customers are King and with our groundbreaking and state of the art products, over time, the cost of these products will go down and reach a point where the Customer, actually will make money.


3.  "You never change things by fighting against the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the old model obsolete" Fuller R Buckminster - and that is exactly what we have done.


Very simply, this business model provides the solution to the problem which prevents 95% of participants from developing a residual income stream in any referral-based opportunity. We all know what the problem is. Most people are not ready, willing, or able to refer others to a business opportunity.


The Company will be marketing to the masses on behalf of its participants


With most projects, unless a member refers others, he or she will not develop a substantial income stream.


The main objective of this business model is to generate traffic for each and every participant, thereby enabling all participants to establish an income stream.


4.   Here is a quick summary of the business model and why it appeals to the masses...


....Top marketing automation done for you


...Real time guaranteed visitors and sign ups done for you


....Breakthrough products to automate your financial freedom


...NO Requirements & NO recruiting (Unless you want to)


In other words, it is the solution to the problem!


5.   We have chosen the Matrix Plan for our project. To be more specific, we will utilize a 3 x Infinity company-wide forced matrix structure. This is simply a single structure that continues to grow deep and wide to infinite levels and each participant will have his or her own matrix within the company-wide forced matrix.


The matrix plan will provide a level playing field for all participants and everyone will earn equally regardless of their own efforts. Of course, those who take an active role in building a team will progress faster than those who are totally passive. This is the basic tenant in any business. The effort is rewarded.




We provide a complete Internet Solution, providing tools that every business whether online or offline will need and all housed under the one roof. Tools, including Artificial Intelligence, Complete communications suite including webinars, video conferencing and video calling, Email Marketing, Sales funnels and pages, domain names and hosting, and traffic to any business, plus a lot more







DOWNLOAD THIS FREE EBOOK that will give an explanation.






Ray Blee


Register here for further information https://raybleerecommends.com/opreg


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