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WalkAwayRicher launches Monday-Order Today
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WalkAwayRicher launches Monday-Order Today

Many years ago, my mentor gave me a piece of advice that was pure gold.
"If you want to succeed online, you must have a website that you control."

I took him to heart and set up the ugliest website you have ever seen
but...not withstanding how awful it looked, it made me dough.

That was 19 years ago.

Since then I have worked with my wonderful partner, Phil Basten,
who develops professional non-ugly websites that make a lot of dough.


Our websites cost thousands and thousands of dollars
to develop and that is out of the reach of many people.


One day I said to Phil how about we set up a service where
we create a simple website for our clients where they can
make and keep their own dough and that won't break the bank.

WalkAwayRicher was born.

Here are the high lights


* A Clickbank website with all Clickbank products
  The Products and article reviews all contain your CB Id

* A website with all your products: ones you own
  or affiliate sites you promote.


You pay once and in 2 weeks or less your own
website will be set up for you.

It will not cost you thousands of Dollars.


Once we set your site up, you are in the
driver’s seat. You control everything.

We give you a log in to your admin and
you can take it from there.

You can add to the site.
You can change the items on the site.
You can change the copy.
You can change the banners.

This is your site.
You own it.
You run it.
You control it.

That is how successful business are born
and grow on the net.


Phil will show you how your admin works
and what to do to change various items

We also pop your new site into our  traffic site,
Never Ending Traffic 4U and give you a lifetime
of promotion for your new site.


We are officially launching Monday.

The reason for that is we are putting some
finishing touches on the site and those will
be done today and over the weekend.

We are taking orders today and those orders
will be started early next week.

Many of you responded to our surveys a couple
of weeks ago, and like this idea so we are
offering it to you at introductory prices.

We will leave the prices where they are
during launch week but then they will go
up for each of the sites we are offering

If you would like to get in early, here
is the way to do it.

Join the WalkAwayRicher list here:


and that will take you directly to the main
sales page.

Let's get you into the real dough making business
Having your own website is the way to go.

Go get um

Jane Mark
JAM Marketing Inc

PS: Be sure to read the FAQ on the site.
It will answer 99% of all your questions

Need more info
Email Phil at jammarketinginc@gmail.com

Put in the subject line
More info on WalkAwayRicher.


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