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2Up Benefactory System

We have here a paying, good opportunity. Entry is just 5$


Our team gives you 2 paid referrals.


You must be paid member yourself to be eligible.



Check the program and if interested, join here:




Upgrade yourself and send me your affiliate link.



We make 2 separate promotions


A. Typical one


Team rotator with all links there getting equal exposure.


This is slow and time consuming, but still works.



B. Exclusive one

Here our benefactoring plan comes. If you want to be a benefactor – you must agree to PIF 2 members under you.


When we get your agreement, we promote your link separately as a PIF offer. Usually the PIF offers work like charm and people take them very quickly.



If you want to be a benefactor – join as a paid member and contact me with your link and agreement.



If you have any questions, just drop me a line.



Daniela Germanova


2Up Team Leader


e-mail: magicasolutions@gmail.com


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