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This Red Lipstick Won't Work... Or So I Thought-True Story
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This Red Lipstick Won't Work... Or So I Thought-True Story

True Story...

My daughter in law is Italian.

If you know anything about Italian Woman, they
like to go places dressed to the nines.

My Daughter in law never leaves the
house without really really high heels
and a pocket book to match and to die for.

She is beautiful and, like any Italian
woman, she flaunts it.

So...one day I commented on a really
strong lipstick she was wearing. It
was a wonderful kind of red burgandy
color and you could not miss it from
any part of the room.

On her it looked great.

The next day a small package arrived on
my door step. It was the red burgandy
lipstick called Femme Rouge.

"Oh my" I thought to myself, "this will
never work." I can't go out wearing this
kind of glam lipstick. At my age,
everyone would just stare and avert
their eyes or so I thought.

But- not one to shy away from a challenge-
I popped on some Femme Rouge and braved
the streets landing first in my local
super market and next in my local hair salon.

Much to my surprised, 5 people commented on my
lipsitck and how great it looked on me.

They wanted to know Where did I get it What was the name.

I got on the elevator when I got home
and my next door neighbor wanted to
know what was different about me.

I said: "It's the lipstick! It's Femme
Rouge." She immediately pulled out a pen
and wrote down the name.

I went home that day first glad that
I had a thoughtful daughter in law who
heard my passing comment about her lipstick
and took it to heart and got me some.

It was an important lesson.

I had tried something new- something out of
my element and it was surprisingly easy to do

The results were "Meraviglioso" as they say in Italian.

The Bottom Line:

Never be afraid to try new things

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