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I HATE marketing “funnels”...
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Hi, Earlier this week I was scrolling through Facebook and it made me realize...

I HATE marketing “funnels”. ​ Why? Because 90% of what people teach is bullshit.

Too many “influencers” out there sell the idea that complex funnels are the way to go… The result? You, and many just like you, waste your hard earned money (and time!) on garbage that you don’t actually want to do or need to do to grow your business.

Look, I get it, some funnels DO work, but especially if you sell higher end offer via 1-on-1 sales conversations... there’s an easier way. A way to get your prospects from cold to on the phone without wasting your time on all of the funnel hacker stuff. You need to focus on simplicity. On what really matters and makes a difference for businesses.

If that sounds good you need to check this out...  <==

CEO of LinkedSelling, Josh Turner, and his team will be holding a free 5-Day Bootcamp to help you build massive lists of prospects and work them through your sales pipeline - all on auto-pilot. This is typically a $997 bootcamp that Josh is offering to you for free. Which is crazy. And, you should know that the people over at LinkedSelling are THE experts when it comes to getting leads, so anything they put out is really worth paying attention to.

Like this person did... “You guys ROCK!!! I'm telling my friends about the Bootcamp and if you offer it again, I can send lots of people your way! I've been following [Josh] for years! This is by far the best bootcamp/webinar you've ever done and they've all been fantastic.” - Diane A. on Day 5 Click here NOW to register. Or don’t… and keep wasting time and resources on systems that are not going to work. The key here is one simple idea: Incorporate automation in your sales process and save yourself time and money while you get more leads and clients. ​

This is something I know Josh has been working on for a long time and has refined over the years. And it is going to help you get a LOT more leads and clients...without spending much of your time. Even if you hate technology and don’t have much time to spend on marketing.

In short, this is an opportunity to MAKE money instead of wasting it on things you don’t really need, especially if you sell high-end (I’m talking high-ticket offers from $2k, $5k, $10k, 50k $100k and more). Want in?

Join my friend Josh Turner to Create an Automated Sales Process in Just 5 days. He’ll walk you through step by step and show you everything he and his team do to use automation to get more leads and clients.

Register here now! <==

See you there!

Don Leopard, 608-736-0276


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