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Do you know what the long and the short of it is?
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Do you know what the long and the short of it is?

Did You Know You are Losing Sign Ups?
Did You Know Your Are Losing Sales?

You May Not Know This is Happening To You But...It is

My Partner, Phil "The Fixer" Basten made this
problem disappear.

He developed Itsy Linx
I call it The Miracle Worker.


What is an Itsy Linx?

It is a Powerful Link Shrinker and Link Customizer
That makes You Money every time you use it.

But it is much more that.

Its a Quality Solo Ad Mailer with Stats.
Mail to Over 5000 every 2 days plus all
Itsy linx members.

It a Top Notch List Builder

It a First Class Advertising Platform For Life
It gives you Traffic That Never Ends.

It is a Money Maker.
It has an affiliate program.

Earn Up To 40% per sale.
Paid Every Friday.

No Experience needed
Itsy Is simple to use.

Stop Losing Sign Up and Sales.

It is time to Itsy It and watch as your sign ups
and sales shoot through the roof.

And That's The Long and The Short Of it.


Go get um

Jane Mark
Itsy Linx
JAM Marketing Inc

PS: The Power of Itsy Linx Is in The Founding Membership

If you want to use the Itsy Contact Mailer.
If you want to customize your links
If you want to use the Downline Mailer
If You want your ads to rotate at 100 to 1
If you want to use Itsy Linx Unique Tracking System
If you want to Earn up to 198.50 per sale.


Grab the founder membership level

Lock your price in now



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