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When I make a mistake, it's a doozy-Jane's Sunday Sermon
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When I make a mistake, it's a doozy-Jane's Sunday Sermon

I try to be very careful about the sites that I recommend to you.

Once in awhile, I really step in it and make a doozy of a mistake.
A while back I recommended a site called Viral Cash Bash (VCB)

I know the owners or at least I thought I knew them.

They used a phony name to get people involved in the site.
The name is Veronica summers and that is not a real name.
It is as phony as a three dollar bill.
At any rate, they had a problem with the VCB site and instead
Of correcting it in a professional way, they took all the leads
everyone put into the site and redirected them to another site
which they are still doing.

Needless to say, I am not recommending that you join this new site
although that is entirely up to you.

I apologize to every one of my subscribers who got involved in this
program and got hurt by it.

You are certainly entitled to request your money back and or pursue
a chargeback on it.

I realize that is not a great solution for those of you who promoted
hard and put your own list members into this site, ea*rned commissions
and were not paid, but for the time being, that is the only remedy
you have at this site.

I assure you that behind the scenes much more is going on to remedy
this situation and several government agencies are involved.

Things happen on the net and anyone can have a circumstance that interferes
with  their site. The test of a good site is how they choose to remedy
any mess that does or can occur.

I again apologize for to any of you who got involved in this site.

Fortunately, most sites are run by honest, hardworking people who use
their own names and provide really good services to you and when things
go nuts (which they sometimes can), owners of well run sites will try
every which way to contact you and let you know what the hang up is
So here are some well run sites by owners who actually give a darn.

First up.

Extreme Robot which you have heard me talk about. Great way to get your site
inserted easily into a wonderful piece of software that gives you back links
and a ton of traffic to your site. It officially launches August 4th and Max Stiegemeier,
the owner, does not hide behind anyone's false name.

High commissions of 100 a crack are easy to get at this site and it gets
your ad running on auto pilot which I love.


This site comes with 1 million sokens at Sokule for those who sign up under
my link at a value of 1270.00

Paul Darby has a site that just keeps putting money in your alertpay account
while he puts your site in a rotator and help you advertise. You can get in for
as little as 7.00 bucks a month although I would go way higher if you can swing it.
The Higher you go, the more you get paid.


This site comes with 500,000 sokens at Sokule for a value of 635.00
for those that come in on the 100.00 level.

You can never go wrong at Sokule run by yours truly:)

It's one of the strongest advertising sites on the net and if you are not a member,
join it right here and don't miss the one time offer for the Silver membership
when you sign up. We are running a special which ends tonight.


Walter Bayliss just unleashed a fabulous site called Instant Blog Subscribers
where you can get up to 3000 Subscribers to your blog in a nano second.
Setting up a blog or, in fact, several of them at one time has never
been so easy.

This is a superb new Social Media sites and you can post from Sokule to
IBS which makes it very unique.

You can er*rn commissions five levels deep which landed it a spot in
our new site called Kule Space

For those of you who sign up under my link, IBS comes with 1 million
Sokens at Sokule for a value of 1270.00


And if you want to become part of a really unique community that lets
you do it Your Way. Join us at Kule Space where you can do almost
anything you like and ea*rn that green spending stuff at the same time
I hang out here and I hope to meet you soon


We will be holding a Webinar on Tuesday, August 3rd at 5.00 pm est.

Topic is Sokule and Kule Space: Like Sister and Brother.

We will show you how you can play these two sites off one with
the other to get maximum reach on the net.

You can register for this webinar right here.

Space is limited.
Reserve your Webinar seat now at:

So Here's the point.

There are some cranks on the net- not really that many but...
you do get to know them and when you do steer clear of them
Veronica Summers and phony company are ones to avoid.

Anyone who is afraid to use their own name on the net does,
indeed, have something to hide.

The majority of sites are delightful, useful, lucrative,
effective and intriguing.

Every now and again a clunker comes along and you can't cash out

If you set your sites on more cash and less clunkers, you will
be fine.

And stay tuned Tomorrow for a new leads site that is launching
that is just superb.

Have a great Sunday.

Go get um

Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc


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