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The Fine Print...Jane's Sunday Sermon
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The Fine Print...Jane's Sunday Sermon

It is an age where we get our information fed to
us in Sound Bites.

We hear the noise of cable TV or read a jazzy
headline on the net or in a magazine or see
a slogan or bumper sticker that we can repeat.

And we repeat it.

Soon it becomes truth or- common wisdom- although I
hesitate to use the wisdom to describe this
21st century phenomenon.

I call it collective non think.

The Tower of Babble Times Ten.

Call me an old fuddy duddy, but I think we need
to turn off the noise and read the fine print.


The Fine Print...Jane's Sunday Sermon

In order to get past the headline, you need to
read the fine print.

Here...I'll give you an example.

About half of the people in the US-(maybe more then
half of the people) think it is perfectly reasonable
and rational to continue giving tax cuts to the
very wealthy in the country


Because they have heard a sound bite

"Never raise taxes in the middle of a recession"

Those same people think the government is spending
too much money and needs to reduce the US deficit.


Because reducing deficits is a good thing and no
one wants to continue living on borrowed money.

But those same people can't add and they don't
read the fine print.

Here's the fine print.

Tax cuts for the wealthy in the US will add
700 billion dollars to the US deficit over the
next ten years.

So to simultaneously hold that you want to reduce
a budget deficit and extend tax cuts to the wealthy
at the same time is an oxymoron.

I just prefer to call it moronic and leave it at that.
But I read the fine print every day.

What about this one?

If gay people get married...
It threatens traditional marriage?



The only person who can threaten your traditional
marriage is you and heterosexual couples are doing
a fine job of that all on their own.

When a US court ruled recently that preventing gay
people from marrying was unconstitutional and violated,
among other things, the equal protection clause
of the constitution, the same people who proclaim
their love of the constitution all of a sudden were
howling like rabbits about the courts.

The 43rd president of the United States was
elected under the Equal Protection Clause of
the constitution and then a whole other set
of people howled.

They didn't like the fine print.

How about this one?

The US has an immigration problem
The Solution repeal the 14th amendment which says
that children born in the US are US citizens

The constitution, it seems, is a matter of convenience
You are a strict constructionist in the US just up until
the time you don't agree with a decisions some judge
has made and then they are an activist judge.

But then many people have never read the fine print
in the constitution they claim to revere or selectively
choose the parts they like and dislike.

I am intentionally using very hot button issues here
to illustrate a point.

And here is the point.

If you are looking to run a business on the net
and you engage in oxymorans and non think, you are
liable to have your business end up in the same
condition as the US government is now.

Here are the words I would use to describe it

Frayed, broken, in debt, unenlightened, under educated
corrupt, lacking vision, unfocused and on a path
to nowhere

Businesses can be like that too and, if you are
not careful, you will find your own business
in the tank.

Here... I will give you an example

Yesterday, I sent out an email

The Subject line said

Fr*ee Founder Position in Kule Space. Only 3 left

Now there's a bumper sticker if I ever saw one:)

But when you opened up the ad copy the first line

"We have a special 2 fer deal running this weekend
that involves our new site, Kule Space and our
Powerhouse site, Sokule.

We have only 3 slots available now and this offer
ends tomorrow Sunday, August 8th at midnight est so
you will have to move fast if you want a fr*ee
founder position in our new site Kule Space

whoops one of these deals just flew out the door
while I was typing this up for you. Now there
are 2. Do not wait until Sunday they will be


Tip off words.

Two fer
1 flew out the door

There was no link in the email.

People had to contact me to pick up this special
deal with detailed information about it.

Three smart people did pick up
They read the fine print
The Deal is gone but...

More importantly, I received over 300 requests for
this information and about half of them were
requesting a Free Founding membership in Kule Space
period end of story.

They read the headline but didn't bother to read
the ad copy...The fine print.

So they never understood the rest of the story.

That can be dangerous in business.

In this case people just missed out on a good deal.
No big deal. Others will come along maybe...

But what happens if you can't really undo the damage.

Suppose you start a business online or even
become an affiliate of a site in order to resell
a product but..

You don't know what an income and expense statement
looks like or..

You don't understand the words capitalize or
undercapitalized or..

You don't read the terms of the site you are joining or...

You don't know what the Can Spam laws are or...

You don't understand the difference between
an email broadcast and an autoresponder or...

Or you don't know the difference between a safelist
and a contact mailer or...

You don't understand what a w-9 form is or..

Or you don't know the tax implications of your
business choices or...

Or you don't know what a keyword is or...

You don't know what a search engine is or...

You don't know how to properly use the new
media of Social Media or...

I could go on and on but you get the point.

If you don't know what the terms and the implications
are in running a business on the net, you could
end up in..

A Fine Mess! (An oxymoron if ever there was one:)

It is essential to read, learn and understand the
fine print before you entertain running a business
on the net or even joining one as an affiliate.

If you are not interested in the fine print,
expect to end up with a business that is

Frayed, broken, in debt, unenlightened, under educated
corrupt, lacking vision, unfocused and on a path
to nowhere

Have a great Sunday.

Go get um


Jane Mark

PS Because of the large number of requests that
I got for our Free Founding Membership in Kule
Space, I have opened up another 3 slots just for
today which will close at midnight tonight.

You can read the fine print by emailing me at:

I promise you some interesting reading and a deal
the likes of which you will not see again.























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