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Sokule OMG Norbert...It's Beautiful

Sokule OMG Norbert...It's Beautiful

I just had to share this with you.

I opened the mail today but before
I did I stared at one particular envelop
that stood out above all the rest.

Picture this

At the bottom left of the envelope was
A large Sokule logo

Across the Top before the place where the
stamps go were the words

" Get Paid To Do What You are already Doing.
Sokule is like Twitter but monetized.
You'll Feel Right at home at Sokule.
And then it had the url on it

The Address for Sokule, Inc was printed
in a lovely Green color and in a type
of lettering you could not miss.

When I opened the envelop, it had a
Sokule business card in it.

It also had a w-9 form in it which
all of you should be sending it but
that was just the contents not the

I almost fell off my chair when I
saw this envelop.

It kind off just jumped out at you
Amid dozens of magazines touting their
Christmas wares, this one envelope
took over the whole lot.

Meet the man who put this together,
Norbert Scholz

Wow!!! I am impressed.

I added 100,000 Sokens to Norbert's account
just because...it was easier to do that than
to remain speechless

I wish I could show this to you but Phil
is away for the holidays and I have no
idea now to get this up on the net so it
will have to wait.

Here is the lesson I would like to share with you.

If you want to get attention in a very nosiey
world, do something creative like Norbert

Bang! People sit up and take note.

You can sell your Sokule site with a simple
envelop or business card with your url
on it.

Marketing is not just an online proprosition.

Make sure you leave your house with a
Sokule Business card and, if you can't
design your own, go into the Sokule Store
rigth here


Scroll down to the bottom and choose one
of the note cards that are there and use
them or

Copy the logo
Do something creative of your own to get
your Sokule site noticed.

Norbert! You are a gem.

Go get um


Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc


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