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OMG They are Brother and Sister and They Got Married?
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OMG They are Brother and Sister and They Got Married?

Sokule and Kule Space are Brother and Sister sites

Sokule is the big brother with all of the
advertising power you could want anywhere on the

Kule Space is the younger sister, recently born
where you can connect and share your internet
products and services in a more subtle way.

Both will ea'rn a pile of that Green Spending stuff for you.

This morning They Got Married!!!!

Well...married in the internet sense:)

You are not going to belive this.

I just walked over to Kule Space this morning

I have a bunch of points that I earned over at
Kule Space and this morning I was able to
pop some of the points in a little box and
transfer them over to Sokule instantly.

Where did my transfer points Go when I pushed
a little transfer button?

They popped into my Sokule Sokens box and now
I have more Sokens then I did when I woke up
this morning.

I am over the moon

My kids got married

You can celebrate with them.

Find out how you can make these two dance together
for you.

If you are not a member of Sokule, The Gentle Giant
of advertising

Join him right here

If you are not a member of Kule Space where you
connect, share and ea*rn, join right here


I expect to see you dancing at this wedding of
two very powerful sites on the net right now

We made a little magic today and some net history
and you can be part of it.

Go get um


Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc

PS: All this month we are celbrating Sokule's
upcoming birthday on August 25th by offering
great specials for you.

Here is today's Sokule Special.

Tripple Dip

choose carefully.

Upgrade to Bronze plus or higher today at Sokule
and you will get your Sign up sokens trippled


If you sign up or upgrade today to Gold Plus,
You will get 450,000 Sokens Value 571.50

Go Silver today and you will get 6 million Sokens
Value 7620.00
Go Gold and you will get 9 million sokens
Value 11.430.00

Go Founder and you will get 15 million sokens
Value 19,050.00

Sokens are what let you grow a list at Sokule
before the ink is dry on your sign up.

That is priceless.

You will have an instant list to mail to when
you upgrade at Sokule and the more sokens you
have the faster and larger that list will grow.

I'm a list builder
I own 268 lists
I host another 250 lists
I mail to over 350 lists every day

But the one that gets me on the leaders board
in many sites all over the net is my list at

You can build yours right now with this unbeliveable
tripple up on sokens offer on the table today.

Weddings celbrations end
This one will end at midnight tonight est

Your cinderella dancing shoes won't twirl after
midnight tonight

Make your move and upgrade at Sokule today
and collect tripple on your sokens.

Get an instant list
Mail instantly to that list now and
every three days

Pick up your Tripple dip today.








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