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New Launch at Oct 1st!! Lock your position asap at pre Launch now!


Ben Glinsky is going to launches a new program,
I take a serious look at it.

A coupel of days ago, he launched
Home Wealth University.

Many of you were out of town.
I was working:)

So I got signed up and you can too.


Home University is in pre launch.

It officially launches on Oct 1st
so you are very early in and very
early in is going to get you set
up very nicely in this martix format.

You actually can get paid 4 different
ways at the site.

Lots of top marketers are involved in
so you can get spillover or spill under
or whatever is the proper term for it
I just call it people under you:)

But...it is important to get in at the
get go and the get go is now


It has some unique features.
Read them. This kind of matrix
has never been done quite like
this before and you will benefit
from it.

The faster you join the more chance people go under you,
Lock you position fast!!

all the best
Michael Tse


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