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"Acres of Diamonds"
5-16-2010CABCDE by Walter Paul Bebirian
5-16-2010CABCDE by Walter Paul Bebirian

This is a short synopsis of an original lecture given by Dr. Russell Conwell that I found in John C. Bogle's book "Enough" - I hope this will be enough to inspire you! :

"In ancient Persia, a wealthy farmer leaves his home to seek even greater wealth, and spends his life in a fruitless search  for a perhaps mythical diamond mine. Finally as age and years of frustration take their toll, he throws himself into the sea and dies, an unhappy pauper far from home. Meanwhile, back at his estate, the new owner, surveying his vast acreage, sees something in a stream, something bright, glistening in the sunlight, It is a large diamond and turns out to rest atop the fabulous Galconda mine."







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