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Are You ...A Few Crumbs Short of a Biscuit?
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Are You ...A Few Crumbs Short of a Biscuit?


I am fortunate to have an Aussie Partner.

He talks  Australianeeze:)

He is fond of telling me
"I am a few crumbs short of a biscuit"

I haven't a clue what that means but you
can bet your boots I can now tell you that

If you are not yet a member of Croc Ads,
"You are a few crumbs short of a biscuit."

Want to avoid this fate worse than death?

Then stop wrestling aligators and go
where advertising has a bite.


The Croc has everything you need to get
noticed on the net

* You can get your ads up for free

* You get to see all the stats on your
ad and see how well it is doing

* You can build a list 5 levels deep

* You can keep advertising forever for
free by earning credits

* You can mail to our entire database if
   you are a paid member

* You can earn commissions at whatever
   level you join at.

* Yes, we pay you 98.80 per sale and
   that ain't Croc Feed.

* We advertise for you if you are a paying member
   and you can get sign ups and sales just through our
   advertising efforts.

The Croc is filled with advertising power
You will get noticed on the net

If you can swing it, do not miss the oto
when you sign up.

You pay once and have free advertising for
life. That's an investment in your business
you cannot afford to miss.

You will upgrade once you get into the
members area, but you will pay more if
you miss the oto so don't be kicking
yourself later. Join free and keep your
eyes peeled for our fabulous offer.


If you don't want to come up short of
a biscuit. Move on this now

And Phil will teach you how to wrestle
croc to the ground. It's a bonus:)

All the best

Jane Mark
JPE ADvertising


PS once you join, drive traffic to your site and
put your advertising on auto pilot 24/7. We use
this to drive traffic to all of our 50 sites. It's finger
clicking easy. http://myeasysubmitter.com






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