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Humpday Hodge-Podge: Inspiration, Think Stuff & more

Before I get to the hodge-podge, I am bubbling over
with excitement and I HAVE to share it with you!

My new book The Instant VIP is out, and the cover
looks so incredibly fabulous! This book truly shows you
how to showcase your brilliance in a book AND in
a business that touches lives.

have a look - and see what I'm doing for you when you
pick up the book today!

As of this moment, I don't have the video up yet about
the special gift, but I'll get to that this afternoon.

You have so much to share, and it is
my honor and delight to assist you in bringing forth
your greatness.


Enjoy this collection of items over a cup of coffee
(or tea or whatever).

I love to give you something fun, something useful,
something to read, something to inspire you, and
something to think about in the middle of the week...
"Hump day"

First - the inspiration...

This week's something to inspire a personal message from
my heart to yours.

Live from the Light of Your Greatness

Why are you hiding your greatness?
Why covet your gifts in the dark?
Your talents and skills are for sharing
your distinctive, special spark.

You are unique in all the world
with important work to do.
Desire and longing fill you
To show you the path to choose.

The passion that rouses your soul
As it sets your heart on fire
Is there to fuel your action
To nourish, guide, inspire

Follow the path of your longing,
Do everything that is required.
Bring forth the greatness within you
To fulfill your soul’s desire.

Everyday honor your Vision.
Nourish the passion within.
For living from your greatness,
Means that everybody wins.

By Ronda Del Boccio (c) 2010


This week's something fun is a coffee quiz.
Test your coffee knowledge!


This week's something useful is a free tool that lets
you share files with other people easily. Much
easier than Google Docs in my opinion.
--> http://asktsl.com/dropbox  
.I use it to share files with project partners.


This week's something to read is a cross between
historical novel, screenplay and story of timing.

There are defining moments in each of our lives
when the universe gives you a chance to make
a difference.   

On the night of August 31st 1997, Jack and Robin
Firestone didn’t realize their chance had come.

They were the only American eyewitnesses to the
aftermath of the crash that killed Princess Diana.

And... they saw condemning evidence of an
international conspiracy and cover-up

With Chasing Diana, the screenplay novel inspired
by their true story, the Firestones have recognized
their personal mission and have become Princess
Diana’s personal ambassadors of truth - even though
their safety has been compromised in the process.
A portion of the proceeds will be donated to charities
Diana loved.  How often can you treat yourself, share
important information and help someone in need – all
with a single purchase?
If you act quickly and purchase your copy today, you’ll
receive many bonuses that are essential companions to
this incredible book.

Click below to see for yourself:
--> http://chasingdiana.com/promo


This week's something to think about comes from a
recent conversation.

One of my friends has created a powerful system.
He offers a package in which he shares it and
is thinking about putting it into a book.

But he said why should he share the same information
he sells in a higher priced product for the lowly cost
of a book?

I told him, "You are thinking from a place of lack and
not from a place of abundance."

I said, "If you just skim the surface with your book
without revealing your system, people will KNOW you
are holding out on them. They'll give the book bad
reviews and tell everyone you're full of c-ap."

Indeed, we are in an age where people put up
reviews, tweet, share and talk about anything and

The great thing you did 2 or 3 years ago means nothing.

AND when you instead do business from a place of
service, the story changes completely.

The principles I teach in The Instant VIP http://TheInstantVIP.com/book
are so powerful you can literally use this 15 dollar book
to grow a million-dollar biz.

What if you invest in this book and are able to grow a huge,
thriving biz, get all kinds of media attention and become
The One everybody wants?

You'll rave and rave about how useful the book is,
and you'll be an evangelist for me.

Everybody wins by serving, not hoarding.

Make it a great week!




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