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My Crocodile ate My Aligator Shoes
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 My Crocodile ate My Aligator Shoes

Once upon a time in the land of OZ, there
lived a Crocodile. His name was Greenie

He made roaring sounds when he spoke
and the whole world backed away in
fear whenever he was around.

One day, as Greenie, was swimming in
the outback swamps, he saw some feet
coming at him.

The feet were clad in aligator shoes which,
of course, made Greenie see Red.

"Aligator shoes are not allowed in my back yard"
Greenie roared.

But the feet kept coming at him.

"Didn't you hear me?" Greenie yelled again.

"No aligator shoes are allowed here..Get out of here"

But the feet kept coming at him

Greenie got mad

He hatched a plot

If the feet kept coming at him, he would tear
into them as only he could do with his
crocodile teeth and he would show those
shoes just who is boss.

And the feet kept coming at him

Greenie gave one more warning...

" Take One More Step, Mr Aligator shoes and you're lunch!"

But the feet kept walking

Suddenly a breeze came out of nowhere
and Greenie had an idea...

He took out his pack of Pall Malls and found
his lighter and lit up the dry grass right in front
of the walking aligator shoes.

Whoosh, the flames leaped all around and
found their target. They nippled at the heels
of the aligator shoes and quickly went up the
pants legs of the walking shoes .

The smoke was so thick that Greenie had
to retreat fast from his target.

He glided away quickly and shouted at the shoes

"Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire"

When the flames died down and the smoke
had cleared, Greenie approached the shoes
cautiously lifting his long neck and looking
all around.

All that was left were the aligator shoes

"You're lunch! " He cried with glee

And that's how the crocodile ate my aligator shoes.

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