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Yesterday I sold for 4.04. Today You can buy me for 346.385
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Yesterday I sold for 4.04.
Today You can buy me for 346.385

Someone is making a lot of money off me.

Not sure I like that:)

Yesterday, I sold for 4.04.

Today I am selling for 346.385

I bought myself back but don't bank on me
doing that again because I have now linked
all my sites to myself and you can have me
for a mere 346.385

I am done with myself.
That's it!

Jane...What are you talking about?

I am talking about a fabulous new site where
keywords are being bought and sold like hot dogs
off a vending cart.


I never saw anything like this
It is just wild.

If you want to see what has everyone Kooing on the
net, get yourself over to KooDay right now and
start buying keywords

Start with your name and your own sites and then
go on from there.

So far I have ea*rn over 3000.00 in the past 2 days
and I ain't stopping now.

I'll give you something to Koo about and it's right here


Get in on this early

The keywords are flying out the door

You can buy many of the for 10 cents
Some are up in the thousands now

And you can buy them at all prices in between

When this Kooday search engines launches, you
will be in the cat bird's seat.

You site up at the top.

Do this now
Spend 100 bucks
And buy the key words you want to own

Then watch as someone buys them from you and
you rake in the dough.

When you buy them be sure to link your sites to
them before someone snatches them away.

This site is So Kule that we just added it to
our own Kule sites.


Kule Track


And it gets better

When you purchase 100.00 or more of the Keywords at
KooDay under my link today you get a 500,000 sokule sokens
with a value of 683.00
See how to collect below

Go get um


Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc

PS To Collect your Sokens fr*ee bonus here is what
you need to do

Sign up under my KooDay link here

Purchase 100.00 or more to buy your keywords

Then shoot me your full name, your payment receipt
to KooDay and your Sokule username and we will add
the sokens to your account within 24 to 48 hours

Not yet a member of Sokule? join up right here




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