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Working Hard or Hardly Working? Jane's Sunday Sermon
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Working Hard or Hardly Working? Jane's Sunday Sermon

Good Morning...

As we celebrate Labor Day in the US this weekend, it
is important to ask one question.

Are you...

Working hard or hardly Working?

For many, this Labor Day brings another day without a job.

For others, it brings a day of knowing that on, Tuesday, they go 
back to a job where they are working more hours for less pay
struggling just to get by.

Still others, in the States, with and without jobs
have no health care and they are forced to turn to
the charity of free clinics to get their annual check
ups every 4 or 5 years.

I watched, in horror, as my hairdresser and long time
friend lost her health care when her husband lost
his job and, for the better part of a year, she worked
in excruciating pain because she could not afford the
cost of a cortisone shot to her wrist and, no clinic
free or otherwise, would provide it to her.

My tips kept getting bigger and bigger in hopes that
she would use them to end the pain. Finally, she did.
But what happens when the cortisone shot wears off?

Tomorrow, we celebrate Labor Day in a country that
has completely abdicated its responsibility to care
for its citizens especially it's middle class.

Last week, we had the T incident (word I can't write in public)
from Senator- what's his face- who not only demeaned Women
and elderly people but thinks that our veterans returning
from war are using up too much of our money.

Can you imagine that?
No, neither could I.

There is a simple answer to that.

Don't send people into war if you can't pay for that war
and you can't care for your wounded when they return
from a war for as long as it takes to heal them.

That same Senator (T) who can't stomach the elderly
or women and wants budget cuts for the wounded
veterans, sits with a nice, fat cushy pension paid
for by..

You guessed it. You and me.

We are living in Koffa like times where half our
country want to give tax cuts to millionaires from a
country that is broke, withhold unemployment benefits
from people who have lost their jobs and engage in more
endless wars we can't pay for and then..

Hold a rally to honor the troops that they are willing
to support ,in name only, and dishonor everyone they
don't agree with.

Happy Labor Day!

Working Hard or Hardly Working? Jane's Sunday Sermon

So when you find yourself in times that are out of
joint and make no sense, what do you do?

You can go along with the mindlessness and hope
against hope that all will be right in the end or...

You can take action and insulate yourself from
the nightmare that is unfolding in front of you.

That means working at something you can do well
something you have a passion for.

If your boss has unceremoniously thrown you out
the door and you know that that job is never
coming back, then you have one choice and one choice

Hire yourself.

Decide what you are good at. Find your passion and
set up your own business on or off the net.

It is cheaper, of course, to start a business online
then off line, generally speaking, but if you do start
one treat it as a business, not a hobby.

Show up at your computer every day like you would
to a job.

Set yourself a goal for the day and get it done.

Step 1 is to find the niche area that you love
If you are a tennis aficionado, then find out
what tennis folks are looking for and sell it to

If you like affiliate marketing, then find the
sites on the net that you love and build that

If you are going to be your own boss, then you
need to look at yourself as a boss would.

Are you getting anything done or just spinning
your wheels?

Are you doing what is necessary to succeed on the
net, i.e. building a list of like minded people to
talk to and to work with?

Have you decided on a business model and planned
out your income and expense estimate over the next
five years?

If not, fire yourself and get some training and
then rehire yourself:)

These are serious times and require some serious
planning on your part.

Labor Day, not withstanding, you are about to get
dumped into the waste bin for the foreseeable future.

In the states, we are about to put lunatics back in
charge of running our government: the same lunatics
who drove the economy into the ditch and started
wars they couldn't pay for and honor Soldiers in
words only.

Or, who knows, maybe we will embrace our sanity
and refrain from going backwards but...

If we do go back to those" good old days" if you Labor
at anything, it better be something you can labor at
alone because help is definitely not  around the corner.

These at the times that try men's souls declared
Thomas Paine in December 1776

But...lest you think that there are no ways out...

Think Again.

Today, you can reach hundreds of thousands of people,
even millions of people all over the world through
a myriad of online Social Media sites.

You can connect with people any where any time and find
a business for yourself that suits you and a way of life that
provides a satisfying income for your family.

In any one day, I have conversations with people in
Australia, in India, In Canada, In Moldova, In china, In Greece and
In the Netherlands and that's just before breakfast:)

Start using the power of Social Media today and you will
find that, come next Labor Day, you will be working at
a job you love with a boss that you agreed to work for
with glee...You!

The world may grow crazier around you as it always does
in hard times, but if you find the right niche to work
in, you will be hardly working.

So here's the bottom line.

Grab your passions by the lapels.

Make your presence known at every Social Media site online.

Start talking to people all over the world who have
your same passion. They are out there. Believe me
I know.

In between the hot dogs and the hamburgers on the grill
tomorrow- grab a beer, sit down with yourself and decide
how to make the future yours.

When you work at something you love, you are hardly
working at all.

Find your true passion and put it to work for you today.

Have a great Sunday and go get um.


Jane Mark
Sokule , Inc

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