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Sokule Urgent. Redo Your Twitter accounts Now
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Sokule URGENT Redo Your Twitter Connection for Posting

Urgent Change You Must Make in Members Area...

The Sokule Twitter connection is back up and working.

Twitter changed it's api recently and it now connects in the
same way as facebook does and we had to change our posting
api to accomodate this.

That is now done.

So to get your posts seen on Twitter from Sokule, Please
log into your members area and redo your tWitter information


Paid Sokule members update at the Social Media posting networks
box. You can put in up to three Twitter accounts if you
have them.

Free members update at the Twitter bird.

Make sure you do this NOW before you forget.
Your Sokule posts will only appear on Twitter
after you have reconnected in the Sokule members

Happy Labor Day to those who are celebrating in the States

Go get um


Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc

PS: You can also get your Sokule posts seen over at
Kule Space so make sure you are a member of Sokule's
sister site and get your posts up over here

 PPS If you are not yet a member of Sokule, where you been. You can post
to 78 Social Media Sites and blogs instantly from Sokule and ea*rn a
paycheck at the same time





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