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Sokule You Choose the Networks to Post to

 Sokule You Choose the Networks to Post to

Sokule, The Gentle Giant, worked on
Thanksgiving to get you some fabulous
new additions to Sokule.

That's the kind of fellow he is:)

Log into your account and take a look

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Facebook Pages ADDED

You can now post on Facebook pages.

If you are a bronze plus member or higher
at Sokule, set up a facebok page for
business and your posts will appear on it.

I't simple to do.

In Your Social Media area in the members
area, Select facebook pages. It will take
you to a link that says set up your facebook
page. Choose that first and follow the
simple facebook instructions for setting
up a business page.

It is so important that you have a
business presence on the net.

That is what Sokule is all about.

Whenever you can set up a business
presence, do it.

Once you set up your facebook page...

Then go back to the Social Media box
in the Sokule members area. Go back to
edit network for facebook pages and
hit submit

Bingo! That's it. You're done.

You can now submit your posts to your
facebook business page.

You Choose The Networks.

There is now a convient setting in your
Social Media area which lets you choose
the networks you want to post to.

You can choose all or...

You can check only those you want your
message to go to.

You will find this when you go to post a
message box or when you go to post a longer
post at Sokwall.

Different Social Media sites are looking
or "approve" of certain types of postings
so you may not want to post all of your
posts to all of the networks all of the time

Sokule now lets you pick and choose your
network postings.

Make sure you are not dupicating your
posts all over the place.

For example when you set up your facebook
busines page, there will be a place to
enter your Twitter information.

If you are already posting from Sokule
to Twitter, do not use this facebook page

The same is true for some of the other
sites such as Plurk or Shoutem where you
can add your facebook or Twitter information

You do not want to be posting duplicate
messages all over the place so if a
Social Media site is available at
Sokule, use it there and do not make
duplicate entries from other sites

You can banned if you do this at other
sites do resist please.

Sokule is your one stop advertising site.

1 Click and you're done.

Hve fun with the new applications.

More tomorrow

Go Get Um


Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc






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