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When Assassins and Allies Conspire Easy Write & Publishing Happens

What a cool week!


In the States we're about to celebrate Labor Day,

and I feel so blessed to have this labor of love

as my work!


I LOVE writing and teaching more than anything



What about you?


So here's the short version of all the news...


I've finished a new product, published a book

and made some deals.


I think you'll enjoy several of the bits of news

I'm about to share.


This beautiful movie has already spread to 5

continents. I offer an exclusive gift only for

those who  accept the gift at the end of


Now - the new product.


If you're still telling yourself you want to write

that book someday - today is that someday!


The Easy Write & Publish package teaches you

5 of the easiest, fastest ways to write a book


PLUS the fast free publishing method which I just

used to put out a book in 7 days.


It’s available at a "no brainer" intro tuition of only $17

Through LABOR DAY 2010 ONLY.


My mastermind partner said I should charge

$97 for it at least, but I want you to get successful

and get published so I can include your success story!


Now - I don't know if you remember this from

a couple days ago, but one of my stories is

featured for the big promo party for a

bestselling book called Glory.


I wrote a story called "Allies" about a

young Wolf.who wants to take on adult

responsibilities. You get that story with Glory


Being an author brings very fun experiences

to you.


Well, I decided that I have some visionary,

suspenseful tales that need to see the

light of day, so I published a book called


When Assassins and Allies COnspire.

You can pre-order it and be notified when it

comes available (within the next 10 days or so)


I LOVE writing stories, and it's great to publish

them so YOU can enjoy them.


There's more. It's been a big week...


I'm writing inspirational pieces for

someone who creates very special

materials. What fun! He gave me some

feedback on my first submissions, and

we'll be moving forward creating --I'll tell

you what soon - with most of them.


AND I'm consulting with a fabulous company

to help the owner become a published author.


And I've met some of the most amazing people

this week, like Nicola Bird, the creator of this

fabulous system called Jigsaw Box that I'm

starting to use for my coaching and other

products. http://asktsl.com/jigsaw.


Check out the review of Jigsaw Box on the blog


There's more but that's enough for now.


It's good to connect with you.


Share your news and your successes with me, OK?


Talk to you sooon.





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