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New! Viralist Membership Unleashed at SOTAM - Mail 10,000!
There's no time to waste here.

You want to be successful?

It's all about reaching MASSIVE amounts of people instantly!

We've created an incredible membership at State-Of-The-Art-Mailer
that will absolutely blow you away and right now we are ONLY
allowing 100 spots to receive our coveted membership that we call
The Viralist.

The Viralist is the mother of all memberships.

When we first designed SOTAM, we started backwards. We actually
designed our entire Button Escalation system based on The Viralist.

Well, we've just released it and it's absolutely INSANE!

Members that have upgraded to The Viralist are receiving unsurpassed
click rates and conversions from all of their efforts!

Now, for what you will pay to become a Viralist member, you are getting
the best bang for your buck here!

Viralist members receive:

* 50% residual income on 9 income streams!
* The option of receiving NO email!
* Automatically move to the highest button level available with absolutely no
clicking required on your part at all!
* Instantly qualify for profit sharing by clicking on only 5 ads per month! No more
75% eligibility, it doesn't apply to Viralist members!
* Receive random referrals in our In-line Random Referral System. This means that
as a Viralist you are guaranteed to receive random referrals in a straight line
system that we've developed automatically!

You'll be receiving income from your Viralist membership at a 50% commission
rate and with the in-line random referrals, you could build a downline without

How's that for effortless earning potential?

Don't wait any longer, success comes to those that actually take action now!

Once those 100 spots are gone, we may open it back up at a later time but the
cost will not be the same!



Jaye Pause & Brad Webb


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