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Are You Charging What You're Worth?


It bothers me when I see you charge less than
the value you provide for people's lives.

Are you really Charging What You’re Worth!
It’s all well and good for you to be an expert in what
you do, to help people to live better lives, to want to
reach more and more people and that’s why you
brought your business online (or you want to) . . .
BUT if you can’t charge what you’re worth with comfort
and confidence . . . you’ll sell yourself short every time -
and betray your clients in the process.
Because you’re not able to be a good role model for what
it means to be comfortable in your own skin, to stand
tall in your specific significance on this planet!
So when my friends and colleagues Judith & Jim
(husband and wife Judith Sherven, PhD and Jim
Sniechowski, PhD — leaders of the Soft Sell Marketing
Movement) told me they are giving a FREE Tele-Training
(which will be part guided inner exploration)
to guide you through . . .
They're friends of mine, and I KNOW without question
they will offer HUGE value on this call.

“Charging What You’re Worth”
I knew I had to invite you

It’s Wednesday September 22 at 5:30 pm PT/ 8:30 pm ET
AND it’s FREE . . .
You just need to register -
--> Register now.
Because it’s so important that you Charge What You’re Worth!!
I really encourage you to invite your friends and colleagues –
just forward this message to them so they have the link above.
--> Register now.



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