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How Do I Get To The Top Of The Line?

My Biggest Fear is that many of you will not grasp the importance of getting in as close to
9PM Eastern US Time tonight Wednesday September 15, 2010 as possible and here's why you should:

  1. Every person has the same advantage.  Whoever upgrades first will be at the top of the line!
  2. No heavy hitters brought in before launch.  All members are equal!
  3. You can grab a spot near the top!
  4. Many who do will get paid tonight!
  5. Your success does not depend on you personally sponsoring anyone!  This is a Team Build!
  6. No Admin Fee!  James, Vicki and Myself make our money just like you do.  By building the line!
  7. You will get paid! We have a year long history of paying on time!  Twice a week.
  8. Build only one program and get paid from three!degreeofthree is a feeder for NC and 10$ADZ
    which creates growth and income for you without your actually building or promoting them.
    Just promote degreeofthree!
  9. Do you need to upgrade at 9PM?  You had better believe it!

If you are not already in the system then Jump On The list!

Then upgrade as close to 9PM as possible!

Watch This Short Video

Don't take our word for it!  Here's what some of our members have had to say over this last week:

getmoney     31-08-10 06:38   There is something in the air, but you GOTTA JUMP ON IT.
Wait for it and have a look first at NC and here at 10$adz. You can benefit from both
and the results are soon obviously visible in your pocket. "Gotta Jump On It" will enhance
these programs and I feel good to be part of that trio and the whole team which is active behind it.

onefinefox     30-08-10 07:03   We sure have a lot of options in 10dollaradz - I am getting
new referrals regularly and love the Roll the dice and Scratch n Win features. I use them
daily, More and more people are cycling. It all is a result of team work! All of our contributions
 to the success of the team are paying off as we have more and more visitors coming to our
site and seeing the power of NC and 10dollaradz and how they can benefit by adding more
money to their pockets! Your support and participation is what makes it happen. When we
all work together the sky is the limit as to how much we can make and we will all experience
a lot more cycling in both programs as NC feeds 10$ADZ and creates a cycle frenzy! I am
encouraged others to come Experience it with us through all the marketing I am doing.
Gotta Jump On It will enhance NC and 10dollaradz! I sure am grateful to have finally found
this team to work with and great to see positive results quickly.

always-share     24-08-10 06:37   Break out the champagne ... I've also just cycled Tier 1 in
NC and received $100 worth of free 10DollarAdz positions. This program delivers what it says.
This is team work extraordinare! Thanks everyone. So happy to have found you.

milliondollarbabe     23-08-10 06:02   I've just cycled in Tier 1 of NC and have earned $100
worth of 10DollarAdz positions. Extremely happy!!! Thank you Team!

GLZFBBC     23-08-10 12:27   10ADZ AND NC Are the best programs i have ever been in.
I am just having so much fun.

GLZFBBC     17-08-10 11:05   Hey I must say these are the best programs I have been in.
Vicki, Robbie and James are great.

alicer     13-08-10 02:29   "I bought an ad spot in $10dollar adz and completely forgot about
the revenue share until one of the owners called me and said I had over $100 in available
which I could withdraw or use to repurchase additional ad spots. Well I can tell you
it did not take me long to know what to do. If I made $100 without even knowing it I sure
as heck did want to double my earning power so I re-purchased immediately. Imagine how
much I could have had if I had been paying attention and buying new spots as soon as they
cycled!" Now that's a new twist! The owner calling me to tell me to collect my money! When's
the last time you had that happen?"

captbob     02-08-10 05:39   Hey Friends, This 10$ADZ is a CYLING MACHINE! Just got the
4th $500 and a Re-entry position SO I CAN CYCLE AGAIN AND AGAIN AGAIN! It's like being
on a Ferris Wheel that never Stops! Nothing like out there folks! Please come join this
TEAM BUILD! Great TEAM full of enthusiasm and all hard Workers for ONE COMMON BUILD!
This is the BEST I have ever seen in 8 yrs of looking! Look no Further! You have found it!
Capt Bob Pharmacist Hilton Head Island, SC

rside81     30-07-10 06:17   Guess what? The scramble was last night and after it all took
place I had two spots go to #3 and #6 and here it is Friday and both spots cycled woohoo.
Also, in the chat room we had fun answering questions all to win prizes what a way to
start my weekend so what now increase, increase and increase on more positions.
This is the HOTTEST advertisement on the internet.

RayGetz     28-07-10 10:34   10D ...Good to great! I know I got "lucky" finding 10Dollaradz
and our HONEST owner-leaders RobbieB/VickiG & JamesL. AND now this ...The SOLO ads
super duper value-added. I recently used my first 10D Solo ads. I got outstanding response
(which led to $$commissions in my pocket)that paid me back way MORE than the cost to
purchase the Solo ad ... oh, and I received THREE (3) YES three NEW positions for me in
the 10Dollaradz "line" just because I purchased a Solo ad -- I normally would have paid
$10.00 each per position for what I got as part of my Solo ad purchase. GET IT?

A no brainer ... BuckeyeRAY knows a super duper bargain when he sees one. My team builder
teammates are the BEST (and fun)to work along side, not to mention what 10Dollaradz does
for my marketing pocketbook. Sincere THANKS! with a grateful heart 'Ray'

Yiota     20-07-10 01:38   Revolutionary! This is the word that I feel best describes 10 Dollar Adz
and Next Generation Central (NGC). It’s rare that you find true dedicated leaders, always on the
ball out to achieve success and sharing their success by creating the biggest team build online,
helping others build their dreams to. Not only is this the real deal, it is more than I even imagined
possible. I can confidently say without a doubt that... “if you decide to join, you will see what I am
seeing for yourself”. What Vicki, Robbie and James have created here is a true winner, and I am
very glad I am part of this great team. Thank You, Yiota

besam     18-07-10 03:37   Am located in Sweden and been internet marketing since beginning
2002 but not ever come a cross such a great responsive site and genuine, helpful and inspiring
admin-owner created a great team builder being active and helpful this can´t be other than a
success even if just recently joined 10dollaradz and Next Generation Central I feel the success
for years to come. Great done and thank you Vicky, Robbie and James.

pocketmoney     16-07-10 02:54   I'm also another person who's happy to give multiple
testimonials for 10DA and NC. Since writing my last testimonial just 13 days ago, I've now
got another 4 positions in NC, thanks to the automatic passive income flowing my way from
my 10DA positions. Now when these extra 4 positions cycle through the 3 tiers of NC, I'll receive
yet a further $8,000. Christmas this year is sure starting to look a lot better than last year!
The engine of it all - is a Universal team build system that leaves anything I've ever seen before
behind in its trail of dust. Plus a bunch of very decent, hardworking and ethical owners who are
driving the vision. Check it out and see if it's right for you. Only needs a tiny one-time investment
to participate and share in the profits. Either join under the person who told you about this
opportunity, or you're most welcome to join here beneath me at


rside81     14-07-10 01:28   What a great and innovative team we have here at 10dollaradz and NC.
I am new to internet marketing and i tell you what this is the best experience thus far because of the
honesty, integrity and leadership this team has exhibited. I will/would recommend 10dollaradz and NC
to everyone. Get in NOW you won't regret it we are having fun and making money at the same time and
that is better than working hard and making no money (lol) really i have several positions in
NC/10dollaradz. I have already made money in 10dollaradz and more to come in both programs. These
programs are perpetual so the opportunity is UNLIMITED!

captbob     13-07-10 11:54   Hi Friends I have never, ever seen anything like this Program! It ROCKS!
For a ONE TIME SMALL INVESTMENT~~~~The Money Just Keeps Coming! Don't wait a SECOND LONGER
TO JOIN!! You can Thank Me Later! Cheers Mates! Capt Bob Hilton Head Island, SC USA


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