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Will the Real Twitter and Facebook Please Stand Up

Will the Real Twitter and Facebook Please Stand Up

I love Twitter
I love Facebook


I do not have time to log in everyday
and mess around at either place.

I don't know about you, but I have work to do.

I run a large, successful, online Advertising
Agency and time is always at a premium.

Time is mo**ney and, in this day and age,
there is a scarcity of both so...

When people send me messages and comments about
this and that, I have to pass most of the time.

Does that mean I am out of the loop?
Does that mean the world has passed me by?

When everyone else is logging in and
posting 25 times at Twitter and who knows
how many at Facebook, I am laughing all
the way to the bank.


Because I know where the real Twitter and
Facebook are...

Will The Real Twitter and Facebook Please
Stand up...Jane’s Sunday Sermon

There is a new kid on the block

We call him The Gentle Giant

You can post to Twitter from him
You can post to Facebook from him
You can post to Digg and Multiply
and Blogger and Word Press.

You can post to Facebook pages

You can post to Plurk
You can post to Friendfeed and Posterous
You can post to Multiply and Koomk
You can post to YouAre and Jaiku
How about ShoutEm and Delicious?
You can post to them to.

You can post to Diigo,Tumblr and Utterli

More Social Media sites are added all the time
and you can post to them all instantly with
just 1 click

1 Post-1 Click and You're done

Whatever it is you have to say is all over
the net in a nano second.

Whatever it is you have to say is pinging the
weblogs and making Google sit up and take notice.

Where is this Gentle Giant?

He posts for you to all sites with 1 click
and your message is heard round the world
in a nano second.

You can ea*rn commissions from him simply
by letting people know about him. When
they upgrade to a business position at
Sokule, you ea.rn a paycheck paid every

This is the Twitter and Facebook for
business people all over the net.

The real Twitter and Facebook just stood
up and his name is Sokule

He is causing a revolution in the world of
Social Media.

If you are not using him you are not organizing
you time well.

The Gentle Giant is working for you 24/7

If you want to know where the real Twitter
and Facebook are...

He just stood up


Have a great Sunday

Jane Mark
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Jane Mark is the President of Jam Marketing Inc
and Sokule, Inc. and has been providing
online Advertising Solutions for businesses on
the net for 10 years.

 PS Give a listen to the Jane Mark as she describes the founding memberships at Sokule



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