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All The News That's...Jane's Sunday Sermon
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All The News That's...Jane's Sunday Sermon

I am an avid consumer of the news.

I get up very early in the morning and read the NY
Times, The financial Times, The Washington Post, The NY
Daily News and blogs of all kinds on the net.

What's happening fascinates me.

I also read many emails to keep up with what is happening
on the net-who is doing what and what the latest
gizmos and software are that can move business
forward on the net.

When I am working, I have my office TV turned on
low to CNN or the BBS when I can find it. I
want to know what is happening in Australia,
In France, In Africa, In England, In Italy, In Haiti
In China and in remote places all over the world.

Not Everything in the News is Fit To Print.

Yet, not many broadcasters or news writers or
bloggers pay that any mind.

They print everything,  fit or not and it is left
up to me to filter out the nonsense from the sense.

This morning I glanced through some headlines

These caught my eye

"The Empathy Deficit-Politicians Reluctant to
Act on Poverty"

Hmmm... I thought. That Makes sense. They are not in it.

Here's another " I dabbled in Witchcraft"

Yikes! I thought we left that one in Salem a couple
of centuries ago. Seems we have not.

My radio woke me up to this news
" Pastor in Florida billed $200,000 for extra police protection
on 9/11.

Really? I would have added a few million onto that
for all the damage done and dropped the word Pastor.

And here's my favorite this morning.

Jackie Joins Twitter 50 years after JFK Campaign

I am not even going to comment on that one but
I might use it for a Subject line tomorrow:)

All the News That's...Jane's Sunday Sermon

Not everything is worth knowing.

Newspapers try to filter out the important from
the ordinary. Some do an okay job of that some
of the time.

Blogs, online, don't even make an attempt print fit
news, they print the news that fits them.

So why should that concern you?

Because I am assuming that you are working on
a business online.

If you are, it is important for you to be able
to separate the sense from the nonsense so that
you invest your dollars wisely and use your time

If you don't read..
If you don't listen

You won't know what your competition is doing.
You won't learn the tricks of your trade.
And you won't master the sites that you join
so the you have the ability to really sell them.

I am fond of saying that:
When you stop learning, you stop breathing.

I make a mistake a day, sometimes more.

Like history, if I don't learn from it, I am
bound to repeat it:)

After I read the news, I look around the net for
the juiciest email subject lines out there.

I don't delete my emails at least not until I
have given them the once over.

I never understand people working on the net
who won't read their emails.

Some of your best ideas could be waiting for
you if you opened up those emails which many
of you claim to hate.

Don't hate them. Make friends with them and
make your emails work for you.

Here are some emails I opened up today

Time's Up, Jane.
I wanted to know if I was still breathing

I cycled 35 times in 36 hours see how
I like this one. It is mine:)

It's wrong by the way
Today's subject line is
I cycled 40 times in 48 hours see how

I am always looking for them. You should be too

Here's the point

Don't let reading be a lost art.

You need to read and learn everything that is going
on around you on the net or you will turn into
a puff of smoke that encircles you in your own little

Little worlds never do much.

We have a saying at Sokule
Talk Short...Think Big

In order to think, you need to read and reflect on
what you are reading.

Here's the thought for this Sunday.

If All the News that were fit to print really was
then the headlines would read:

The Empathy Deficit closes
Witches No longer Dabble
Pastor gives 1 million to local mosque and library

And, of course...

Jackie Joins Sokule

Alas, there is not much fit to print anymore but
you can solve that.

Whenever there is a deficit, close it yourself.
see how below.

Have a great Sunday.

Go Get Um

Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc

Whenever there is a deficit, close it yourself.

Here's how

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Not much of a risk there:)

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You can close your own deficit today.

All you need to do is read the news that really is
fit to print.











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