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Inspiring Animal Story + Cool Tools + Leverage

Today I have several goodies for you...to inspire,
serve and teach you something new.

First, to inspire you - this incredible video about
one of our animal brothers...

You can learn so much from observing animals.

I'm always learning something new, and while I
knew a LITTLE about how geese support each other
in flight, I never EVER realized it was this

--> http://asktsl.com/together
(c) 2010 Simple Truths

Please enjoy and share this powerful video.
And at the end you'll something special ONLY
for those who watch the video.


Progress update for my latest book "That Was Easy"

If you've been seeing the messages come
across this weekend, you may know I decided to
write a book this weekend. I ordered the proof today..

Here's the latest video--


How's your energy?
(Cool Tool for Teaching/coaching -in action)

How does your personal energy affect your business?

As part of my quarterly Quantum Results call, I
gave a teaching about energy. I want you to have this

You'll see the lesson unfold as you listen.
(I did this with my new LiveScribe Echo smartpen)

Your health and vitality play a huge role in all aspects of
your life. I've been taking a product called Asea for the
past couple months, and I'm finding that old injuries
are truly healing. http://asktsl.com/asea

I got hit by a car a long time ago and my knee has
become progressively more "tricky" (OK one day and
wanting to give out the next). It's wonderful to be able
to rely on my now stable knee.


Cool Tool for Scheduling - & it's FREEEE!

I don't know about you, but it drives me NUTS to
send emails back and forth to schedule appointments.

A friend cold me about Tungle.me and so far I like it.

http://Tungle.me is where you go to get it.
Tungle synchs up with your calendar, so when you set
an appointment in your calendar, it makes whatever
necessary alterations in your Tungle availability.

Check it out - maybe you'll find it useful.


Articles - not just for traffic anymore!

You're familiar with syndicated columnists...
"Dear Abby" and various political commentators...

Writing and syndicating articles makes you in essence
a syndicated columnist for the web. Your articles
spread all over and bring you traffic to your site.

Plus you can recycle those pieces for various purposes.
You can turn articles into anything from blog posts to
videos to books to products to autoresponder messages.
So when you decide that article marketing is a really good
idea, you might as well get the best possible leverage
out of it, right?

Rather than only submitting to one place, like EzineArticles.com,
I use "Article Leverage" from http://profitablestorytelling.com/articles
to blast variations of each article to thousands of directories.

Enjoy your day!




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