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Sokule Says...Watch This. I am performing Magic
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Sokule Says...Watch This. I am performing Magic

Watch this!
I am over the moon this morning.

I just perfomed a little magic.

See what I mean?

Jeff Long designed a whoopdie doo Sokule signature for me
and now I can send it in every email that goes out
I could have designed it myself but Jeff has a service
that did this for me in a wink of a Sokule.

Now...what do I do with this signature?

I put it in every email that I send
It captures people's attention
It gets me sign ups and sales for Sokule or
any site I want to promote.

It also contains my affiliate link for Instant Email
Signatures so if people want to know where I performed
this magic, they can sign up under my link right
from my email signature

What happens when they do that?
I ea*rn commissions from Email Signature

I call that double dipping:)
I get sign ups and sales at Sokule
I get sign ups and sales at Instant Email Signature
which I have affectionately named Signature_Magic


This site is a hoot.
You can create multiple signatures for any of the
sites you are promoting

You can pop them into any email sig file and bingo
you can make some magic of your own and some sales.

Gone are the says of that old boring text signature
ad with a link to click on

Your Signature will now get noticed


And here's the really neat part.
Your signature is inserted into your
email from remote servers and after you
send it so that it does interfer with the
arrival of your mail. I love that part

And it gets better.

When you pick up the annual membership at Signatrue_Magic
you will find 500,000 sokens waiting for you for a value
of 683.00. That's more then six times the price of
your annual membership so you gotta be nuts not to
try this today. You will find out how to collect
your bonus sokens in the members area of Instant
email signature.

I am leaving you now
I am going back in to the site now to make some
more magic.

I can edit my signature graphic
I can edit the text
I can edit my buttons
I just went in and turned my botton blue:)

This site is a hoot and it will make you stand
out from the crowd in every email you send.

Start using it today.

This is a just a super way to get sign ups and
sales at Sokule and to do it passively whenever
you send out an email.

Make a little magic of your own today.

Go Get Um


PS I am going in to make a sig file for Kule Space
Sokule, Sister site. I will show it to you when it is

Not a member of Kule Space? We just added a chat
function yesterday and you can go in and yak it up
with all your friends. Have fun Jane

PPS The reason I am ordering up a sig file for Kule
Space is because Jeff is doing it for 25.00 bucks
as a launch special. Usually you pay 45 for a static
sig and 95 for an animated one like the one I showed
you above. So if you join and upgrade today

You are going to get half a million sokens if you
go for the annual

If you want a professionally designed sig you are
getting it at the bargain basement price of 25 bucks

And you can even try the system out for 9.95 per month
altho you miss out on the sokens that way.

But no matter how you try it. Get over here today
and do this. This is a great and simple to use
sales tool for any site you are promoting. It
can make some magic for you.




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