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Sokule. Hard at Work At GGG

 Sokule. Hard at Work At GGG

No words of wisdom from me today:)

Phil and I are working all day today
putting the finishing touches on a
really Kule site that will launch
next week as an Sokule helper.

You will love it.

Founders you will get an early heads up
on this site and be able to test it early
before we release it to the general public.

Here is what I can tell you about it.
It will be fr*ee to join
It will have a very affordable one time
upgrade if you want to choose it.
It will have an affiliate program so
you can ea'rn That Green Spendin Stuff
It will be a whizz bang help at both
Sokule and Twitter

It will have a ca*sh Cow system that will
make your life thrilling at all times.

It will be interesting and ever changing.

That's all I can say about that right now.
I probably said too much already.

Phil is looking at me and ready to
shoot me so mum's the word.

We are shooting to launch this next
Monday or Tuesady

So I am off to test and redo and refine
and rethink and all those good things
that go into making a new site work for

Here is you assignment for today.

Set a goal of how many new trackers you would
like to get to your Sokule site today.

Let's say it 10.

Log into your members area right here


Your username is [username]

Your password is [pass]

Go directly to the box marked Sokens in
your members area. Do not pass go.
Do not collect 200.00.

Make an offer of Sokens as high as you can go.

When you do people will Track you to collect
your Soken offer.

Make it go to work for you today.

More tomorrow when I come up for air.

Go get Um


Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc

PS What is GGG? Hmmm- If you can guess what
that stands for, you will be the winner
of 50 bucks ca*sh on the barrelhead.
WarningL This is a tough one.The first
correct answer into my email box wins

Here is how you collect

Make a guess at what GGG stands for

email me at


Send me your full name, Your sokule username
your alertpay or paypal email and, if you
have the correct answer and you are the
first correct answer into my email box,
you will have 50.00 deposited into your
account. That cold hard Green Spendin Stuff
This one is a tough one. May be the best
man or woman win.

Winner will get paid but the correct answer
will not be announced until our new site
comes out. It's very Hush Hush right now.

PPS It is not too late to become a founding
member of Sokule at the discount price.
Only 500 of these will be sold at a discount
and 321 of them are out the door so day
by day they are disappearing.

Only 1500 of these founding memberships
will ever be offered at Sokule.

As a founding member

You get to use every application in the
Sokule members area and every application
that we ever add to to it for life

You get early notice of Sokule helper sites
that we launch which will let you get
an edge on promoting them

You ea*rn the highest commissions we pay
at Sokule 50% and that can add up to a
tidy sum when you sell the monthly, silver
gold and founding ships and it creates
recurring income for you.

You get two business text ads in the members
area of Sokule.

You get a special founding seal on your
page which designates your Sokule postit
page as special and exclusive and helps
you sell founding mememberships right from
your Sokule postit page. When you do you
collect nice chunk of change 649.50 in one

You get 350,000 free Sokens when you sign
up and that cna buy you one heck of a lot
of Trackers at Sokule.

You will be one of only 1500 members ever
that can participate in this deal and
there are only 179 postions left at the
discounted price.

You are going to turn around one day
and say I woulda, coulda shoulda and
it will be too late.

If you want more information on a founder
position, just go to upgrade in the members
area or

If you want more information email me at








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