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Do You Wanna Dance - My Favorite Movie of 2010!
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I love watching movies that inspire, make you feel good,
make you think, and are "sticky."

"Sticky" means they stick with you long after you've watched.
You think about the characters, the messages, the special
moments, the changes that overcame the characters.

"Do You Wanna Dance" is one of those sticky movies.

Just watching the trailer, I KNEW I wanted to bring this
beautiful story - and this...wel... HOT dancer ;D to you!

I've watched this deeply moving film a few times now -
I've even invited friends over to see it with me, because
it's THAT good - that inspiring and THAT touching.

Robert Krantz, who is the hottie lead actor, plus producer,
plus. .. well EVERYTHING for "Do You Wanna Dance"
will be our guest on Relationship marketing radio in mid-
November, when his new book comes out.

I love Do You Wanna Dance for so many reasons.

The story touched me deeply. I laughed, cried, and
immediately started sharing the movie with my friends
in my little rural area.

Do You Wanna Dance is a story about that One Person
who comes into your life in the strangest way and leaves
you forever changed.

Robert Krantz shares his one person from his "real life" in the
movie, so that people like me and you can also be touched
by the most unusual priest you're ever likely to meet.

Go see the first few minutes of the movie, and I truly hope you'll
grab a copy for yourself and a few extras to share with
those who could use a reminder of the best in humanity.

--> Watch the Trailer & Bring Your COpy Home Today!

Here's a little about Robert and the One person who had the
deepest impact on his life.


Fr. Chris Kerhulas is the person who had a huge impact on
my life. Now, he isn’t your typical priest. He’s a wise cracking,
beer drinking, hockey loving priest from Chicago.

I met him at a low point in my life. Nothing was going my way.
I ended up flying to Chicago one weekend and went to a
Blackhawks hockey game with him, went to his church, and
spent some time with his kids and wife.  

His kindness changed my life.
--> http://www.mcssl.com/app/?Clk=3924636

As I was getting ready to board the plane to head back to
Los Angeles, I turned back to say goodbye to him and I told him,
“I’m going to make a movie about this one day.” He asked me
what the movie would be about and I said, “The difference that
one person can make in another person’s life.” He just laughed.

But, I meant it.

It took ten years, but I finally was able to make it happen. We
took a great storyline, mixed in some of the best dancing ever on
film and got some heart pumping, toe tapping music to go along
with it. The result was, “Do You Wanna Dance?”

And if you read the testimonials from people who have seen it, I
think it has changed a lot of the lives.

--> Watch the Trailer & Bring Your COpy Home Today!

So, if you are looking for a movie you can watch with your whole
family, if you are looking for a movie that has a great story,
if you are looking for a movie that celebrates life, if you are looking
for a movie that makes you wanna get up and dance…

then you will love “Do You Wanna Dance?” And We’ll let you watch
the first four minutes of the movie for FREE. We know you’ll be hooked.

--> Watch the Trailer & Bring Your COpy Home Today!

May all your dreams come true,


and Ronda


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