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Radio Interview - How To Actually Earn A Residual Income - Just As We Do - Dec 1st, 3pm EST
On Tuesday, December 1st at 3-4pm EST, please join
Jack Bastide and myself on the radio at:

Jack Bastide and I both earn nice residual incomes
marketing a product that people  need, want, and
can't purchase cheaper elsewhere. In our particular
case, the  product is greeting cards... ordered
right over the internet.

However, what we will be sharing with you are tips
that can be applied to any suitable business to
build a nice residual income.  We will share with
your some important criteria that have made all the
difference for us in our long-term business

Back in 2005, Jack showed me a company that
allows you to send real (physical) greeting cards
right over the internet.  

Customers basically log-in to a website, compose
a card, enter the recipient's mailing address, and
then click send.  The company prints out a full
color greeting card, puts a first class stamp on
it, and mails it to anywhere in the world.  I pay
less that $1 per card to do this :-)

The system will also allow you to compose a card
with “placeholders” for things like names, dates, etc.
Then you can upload a database that you want to
send the SAME card to. As the cards are printed,
they are also personalized, adding the appropriate
data where the placeholders are :-)

This is how I have sent out hundreds of greeting
cards this holiday season.  I still have a few more
to go.

Jack and I both also help others get started in
this business, as well as set up regular businesses
such as realtors, car dealers, etc., to use this
system, and get paid handsomely for doing so.  If
you'd like to check that system out, there is a
nice video that explains it all at:

Please join us on this show, and bring your questions
about how to actually earn a real residual income.



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