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You May Just Be A Nudnik...Jane's Sunday Sermon
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You May Just Be A Nudnik...Jane's Sunday Sermon

Good Morning

A Nudnik sitting next to an Episcopalian priest keeps asking the priest if he’s really Jewish. Finally, to shut him up, the priest says he really is, only to have the Nudnik turn to him and say, “Funny, you don’t look Jewish.”


If you just gave up cigarettes and then wave your hands
around wildly whenever someone else is smoking
on the street near you, you may just be a Nudnik.

If you always leave the toilet seat up, you may just be a Nudnik.

If you are out on the deck of a cruise ship at night with the moon dancing on the
water, and you are texting, you may just be a Nudnik.

If you have to remind your child every day to mind his
manners, you may just be a Nudnik.

If you are stuck on the freeway with lines of traffic
as far as the eye can see and you honk your horn, you
may just be a Nudnik.


Nudnik is a Yiddish word for a person who is a pest, a nag, irritating as all get out.

In short a bore.

Can you imagine what would happen if all the Nudniks
in the world united?

You'd have a Nudnik calamity.

If you put all the Nudniks in the world into one country
or on one continent, just think what you would have

The Nudnik News
The Nudnik Cable channel (NCC)
The Nudnik blogosphere
Nudniks for peace
Nudniks for war
Nudniks United

See what I mean-a full blown Nudnik community.
Yikes! Perish the thought:)

You May Just be  Nudnik...Jane's Sunday Sermons

There are enough Nudniks surrounding us in our
every day life but... when they invade the Business
world on or off line, that's when you know it
may be time to head for the hills.

For example:

If you are always blaming someone else for your own
failures, you may be a Nudnik.

If you are always joining sites fr*ee and expecting something
to happen, you may be a Nudnik.

If you are winging it online without a business plan,
you may be a Nudnik.

If have not learned your trade and how to market online,
you may just be a Nudnik

If you are always asking for help and then don't follow
the advice  you receive, you may just be a Nudnik.

So how to avoid becoming a Nudnik?

Here are a few guidelines

Don't send emails to people you don't know and who
you haven't done business with and ask to be their
JV partner. They may think you are a Nudnik

Don't hang around Social Media sites and message an
ad to someone who hasn't asked for it and may not
want it. First get to know them or they may think
you are a Nudnik.

Don't join a site that does not interest you and
about which you know nothing. This is definitely something
a Nudnik would do.

Don't join a site for fr*ee unless you have a plan
to upgrade in that site and benefit from it.
You are wasting your time and time is mon*ey and
you may turn into a Nudnik.

Don't bad mouth anyone in public anywhere. It's a Very
Nudniky thing to do.

Don't join a forum and post an ad. Only post
a link at the end of your signature and then
you may just not be a Nudnik.

Don't come online expecting to ea*rn money if you
have no mo*ney and no time to invest in that business.
You will be treading water and eventually drown.
There are many Nudniks who now reside at the
bottom of the ocean.

Don't cry scam about programs you are unable to
ea*rn in. Just because you cannot ea*rn at them,
doesn't mean they are a scam and this could make
you a Nudnik.

Don't shy away from books and from courses and
from videos that can teach you how to market or
you may just stay a Nudnik for life:)

Bottom line...

If you are a freebie joining, scam yelling, Social
Media gadfly, who never reads or listens and
who wants to get rich quick, you may just be a Nudnik.

Look for the Nudnik Label.

When you find it, run as fast as you can from it.

Have a great Sunday

Go get um


Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc

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I can honestly say we have no Nudniks at Sokule
well at least none that I know of:)











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