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Sokule Now Posts to 82 Sites Instantly -This *Just In*
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Sokule Now Posts to 82 Sites Instantly -This *Just In*

Sokule now posts to 82 Social Media sites
and blogs with just one 1 click.


You make one post at Sokule and it now
shows up on 82 sites in a nano second
including Twitter, facebook, myspace,
Kulespace and every other large, popular
Social Media site on the net.

1 Post at Sokule
1 Click
You're Done!

1 post at Sokule and it goes onto all 80 Sites
It pings the weblogs for you.

You can make a short post
You can make a post as long as you like.

Sokule Does ALL the Work for you.

The power of Sokule is simply amazing.

You message can reach literally millions
of people at once

There simply is nothing like Sokule on the net

It's an advertising wizard
It's a business person's dream
It Will get You Noticed on the Net.

It's your own personal ca*sh Cow where you can
sell your own products plus pocket that Green
Spendin stuff as an affiliate of Sokule when
someone upgrades under you.

To get your message out on the net now, you cannot
do it without using the power of Social Media sites

Sokule is the Gentle Giant behind that power.

If you are not using it,you have no advertising reach.

No reach.
No Sales

It really is that simple.



Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc



Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc

PS You can join Sokule fr*ee but...

If you want to post to Twitter and Facebook
and My Space, KuleSpace and all of the 80 Social Media
Sites with just one click, don't miss the one
time offer as you sign up.

It's a steal and you won't see it again.
It is for our Silver membership and it
doesn't get any better or cheaper then
this offer.

It gives you access to every application at
Sokule-applications that will make your own
business a success on the net. Keep your
eyes peeled and don't let it pass you by.

PPS I am on the leaders boards of many sites
on the net How did I get there?
By using Sokule. It's really that simple.








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