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Need Ca*sh *Just Launched* Grab fr*ee Founding Membership Today.
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Need Ca*sh *Just Launched* Grab fr*ee Founding Membership Today.

Hi [fname]

I hang out here.

Kule Space officially launched today.
Ad we have some Whopper deals for you

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Why do I hang out in Kule Space?

The answer is simple
I make mon*ey over at Kule Space.
You will too.

And, if you need ca*sh, this is the place to be

It's the place where JV partnerships are made
(I have made 7 JV's in the past 6 weeks of
Kule Space pre launch.)

You can start groups, blog, set up poll surverys
put up your photos, your videos, your events,
add music to your profile.

You can get up to 1 year fr*ee advertising
for your business.

We're talking large featured ads that get seen.

Send solo ads to a brand new audience.

Your Sokule posts show up at Kule Space
Your Twitter Posts show up at Kule Space
Your profile posts show on the sales page of Kule Space
and that puts you in the spotlight.

You can use the S Wizard at Kule Space to post
your messages to 82 Large, Popular Social Media
sites around the net.

This is one of the best places I know to personally
brand yourself and become the star of the internet.

Spend a few minutes a day, like I do, at Kule Space
and everyone will know your name.

Need Ca*sh?

Kule Space is an affiliate Social Media site.

You can sign up fr*ee Grab your affilite link
and ea*rn commissions even as a fr*ee member

But...If you want to use all the applications
at Kule Space and if you want to ea*rn...

Fast start bonuses on every sale
High commissions up to 50% 3 levels deep
You will want to sign up as a paid member of Kule Space.

You can sign up as a monthly member (silver)
You can sign up as an annual member (Gold)
You can sign up as a founding member (lifetime)

And you can grab that founding membership fr*ee today.
Find Out How Below.

When you sign up, you will see a one time offer
for our annual Gold Membership. If you can't swing
the founding offer below, be sure to grab the
Annual as you sign up.

For anyone signing up today as a silver, annual
and or founding member of Kule Space, you will
get gifts galore as a celebration of our Official

All new members signing up or upgrading as a paid
members of Kule Space today will Get..

Double Point Ranking at Kule Space
1 Million Sokens at our sister site Sokule (Value 1270.00)

And here's where the rubber hits the road.

You can get grab yourself a fr*ee founding membership
at Kule Space.

We call it our 2 fer deal.
It Ends tonight at Midnight so be quick.

Become a founding member of Kule Space's big
brother, site, Sokule, and your founding memberhip
at Kule Space is absolutley fr*ee today.

You can read about that deal below.
It is one of the best deals you will ever see on
on the net.

So bottom line

Join Kule Space today

Take advantage of our double offers for points
and grab that 1 million soken offer

If you can swing it, use the link below to
become a founding member of Sokule and grab
the founding Kule Space membership absolutley

This offer ends today at midnight so be quick.

Kule Space.
It's where I hang out.

Make it your space today.


Go Get Um.


Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc

PS Here is the link that will let you become a founding
member of Sokule and grab a second founding membership
for nada, fr*ee, not one red cent at Kule Space.

Here is the special link


You can pay in one lump sum or spread those payments
out over 6 months. We made it dead easy for you to
become a Sokule and a Kule Space founding member.

Go for it. Jane

Want more info about this two fer deal email me here










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