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Turn $25 into Thousands, with this easy, inexpensive, lucrative system!

When I was a kid, my parents would get together with agroup of people and commit to pay $25 a month to  different person each month in the group. If there were 10 people,one person would receive $250 for that month, until everyone in the group got there turn. This was a lot of money back n the day. What if each person could get $250 each month?What if you could join a business where you get $25 from everyone in your group. With No admin fees, you break even with 1 person. No registration fee,direct pay from your members, residual income,hundreds of hours of ed. materials.Today, $25 is what you would spend on a night out to the movies. As affiliate marketers, if we band together for this type of business we could all be rich, think about it.If we had 4 people to joint venture with and each one of them had 4 people. We could make tens of thousands in no time, really. Check out this simple plan:


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